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Production Types

Taking individuality from an idea to something real

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Production Types
Taking individuality from an idea to something real
Production Types Production Types Production Types Production Types
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Individuality is the name of the game. Production diversity is how we do it

  • 6 main lines of production: Direct to Film, Laser Engraving, Screen Printing, Embroidery, Heat Transfer and Stickers
  • Full customizability: Tell us what you want, and we figure out how to do it.
  • Flexibility in production: Many products can be used on multiple lines

Production Processes

Making what you want, how you want it

Direct to Film

Direct to Film printing, is great for small to medium-sized runs.

Laser Engraving

For making it possible to customize hard surfaces.

Screen Printing

For printing a large amount, in a short amount of time.


Used in making a simple design pop with a professional flair.

Heat Transfer

A versatile method with little setup made for medium-sized jobs.


A simple, but effective solution with infinite customizability.

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Using a high quality printer and heat cured inks, Direct to Film offers accuracy and versatility when printing.

With clarity reaching up to 360 DPI even the finest details will be able to show up on many types of apparel. Because of its low setup time, made possible by eliminating the need for custom screens, Direct to Film is useful for small to medium-sized print runs. Using a method that allows artwork to be printed directly onto a heat-transferable film, nearly any style or design can be reproduced. And with heat-cured inks, your decorations are sure to stick.

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Laser engravers offer a permanent solution to branding, by etching and cutting directly into a material

Using laser-like accuracy our engravers are capable of tackling materials like acrylic, glass, metal, stone, wood, leather and many others. With the ability to engrave, cut and mark, the Laser Engraver is a versatile machine, when used with the correct medium. Most commonly seen on engraved water bottles, this process is good when hard surfaces are needing customization.

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Using ink and custom plates, screen printing is unmatched in its abilty to do large orders quickly.

At an average speed of 500 shirts (or any other fabric, like lanyards) per hour, screen printing is great for use in large orders. Each screen is carefully manufactured, and each color selected, to ensure maximum accuracy when recreating artwork. Specialty plastisol ink is used to ensure good adhesion while flash curing keeps colors vibrant, even after several washings.

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Embroidery is a classic way to make simple designs pop.

Computer guided systems and specialized mounting equipment precisely sew each stitch, giving your design a clean, professional look. Useful in items like hats, shirts and backpacks, embroidered items retain their shape on curved or flexible fabrics. That, joined with the elevated look embroidery naturally gives, ensures designs will always remain visible.

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Heat Transfer excels in versatility, both in types of designs, and materials.

By bonding vinyl patterns (and prints) with over 50 pounds per square inch of pressure, and temperatures over 400 degrees Fahrenheit, designs stay put. Useful in small to medium jobs, heat transfer offers a screen printed look, without all of the setup. Plus, due to the flexible nature of vinyl, heat transfer can be used in odd shaped fabrics, like hats or backpacks.

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With near limitless design options, stickers are an excellent way to add customization to existing items.

Stickers help fill the gaps where other forms of production fall short. With the ability to adhere to nearly any surface, stickers can be used on car windows, doors, water bottles, etc. With options like reversible window decals, sticker sheets, and doming effects, there are many ways to make your logo stand out.

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