Production Types - Axomo

Production Types

Laser Engraving


Classy, permanent form of personalization

Very cost-effective

Can be used to cut out specific shapes


Only feasible with single-color designs

Darkness from laser varies by laser speed and depth

Things to Avoid

Low resolution (use Vector artwork!)


Highly detailed graphics (small and intricate details are often excluded by laser)

Screen Printing


Most cost-effective for large quantities

Able to print in various locations on the item

Artwork is more resistant to fading after washing

Can print fine detail


Higher setup costs than other methods

Screens must be redesigned for each order

Limited to 9 colors or so. i.e. not for photo-quality prints

Things to Avoid

Low resolution

Art with more than 9 colors; can still be done, but there will be surcharges

Photos; trying to print photos often results in grainy, off-colored print. Stick to vectors!



Permanent artwork/doesn’t fade

Process allows for single purchases

One-time setup fee (per artwork)

Can add designs to multiple locations on the same product


Not ideal for full-color images

Artwork may “pucker” or curl over time

May alter the performance of waterproof fabrics

Things to Avoid


Small fonts or fine detail

Gradient Images- every color in the design will be a separate thread, so any transitions will appear stark, not smooth and gradual.

Direct-to-Film / Heat Transfer


Ability to print intricate details with no color limitations, on a wide variety of apparels and fabrics

Great for on-demand and quick-ship orders


Not optimal for large orders- stick to screen printing for any large print runs!

Things to Avoid

Avoid low resolution files! If the art is grainy or pixelated in the original file, that’s how it will look on the final product. As you’ll see, this is true for basically every production method.