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Budget Tracking Built for your ease of use Makes managing money easy We offer a variety of pricing options. View our subscription details and all included features to help you take your rewards and incentives to the next level. Our system helps pick what is best for you.

Simplify Your Current Budget Program

With our automated budget system, you can worry less about the fine details of budget management. Because of how quick and easy budget management is with us you will have more time to focus on the growth of your business.

Get Creative With Our Optional Points System

Would you rather use a points system like Schrute Bucks or Galactic Credits? Use AXOMO to convert dollars to whatever currency/points system you’d like to use with ease. Let employees build up points and redeem them for something they’ll love.

Make Ordering Items Much Simpler

Make sure that buying items is much simpler. You don’t need to stress every time you make a purchase wondering how much of your budget you have left.