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Company Merch Store

Easy to Manage Designs and Logos

Every vendor has different requirements when it comes to artwork and placement, and trying to keep your brand looking consistent can be a challenge. That is why we have made that process with a single system for placement and artwork. Each item has a set print area that ensures a clean-looking final product. Logos can be placed in any way within the given print area. They can then be rotated, moved, and resized to fit your exact look. Logos are also stored on the AXOMO cloud and can be used for future products. This way you can have confidence that you are using the same logo each time. There is no need to keep track of your high-quality and vector logos with AXOMO. Vector logos are optimized automatically with processes like heat transfer and laser engraving so they are ready to be used with any product. Logos are also given black, white, and CMYK variations making it possible to chanoutlooksoks depending on what you are setting up. There is no need to have design experience to make your swag look great.

    Setting Up Items for a Company Merch Store

    Setting up items in a company merch store is one of the best perks of the service. Ordering swag using a more traditional method can pose many problems and one of the most difficult is trying to navigate multiple different vendors and how they want the art placement to be. Each place has its own preferences and making sure that what you send is the same each time can be difficult. That is why AXOMO uses the exact same process for each item. Items are selected from a wide catalog of options. You are then brought to a screen where you can customize placement, size, color, or type of logo. Each logo is then optimized to be used for every process, so no need to limit yourself. Things like print areas, best decoration types, and formatting are all taken care of automatically. You can then set preferences like pricing, who has access, and variations you want to offer. Once those preferences are set, simply activate it in your store and that is it. No need to order or ship, that will be taken care of by AXOMO when an end user places their order. All in all, it can take anywhere from about 10 to 15 minutes, depending on the amount of customization, to add a product to your company’s merch store.

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