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Company Merch Stores on AXOMO

The AXOMO Merch Platform unites organizations by providing custom merch that's easy to design and easier to manage. No longer worry about mass orders, collecting sizes, keeping track of logos and trying to find vendors for all the different types of merch you want. AXOMO is here to help you manage and distribute, all in one place.

Want A Deeper Dive Into How AXOMO Works For You?

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Want A Deeper Dive Into How AXOMO Works For You?

How a Company Merch Store Helps

A company merch store, like AXOMO, is very similar to any other online shopping experience. The end user (normally an employee) will see a selection of products when they visit the company site. After they have sorted through those products, they can then set preferences like size or color. The order is then processed by AXOMO and sent off to our central warehouse for processing. Afterward the product goes to a shipping carrier to be sent directly to the end user, with no interaction needed from the site admin. There is no need for you to mass-order multiple items every time you want to freshen up your swag. AXOMO takes care of everything in the backend, just pick a selection of products from our extensive catalog and set them up in your store.


All of your swag in one place

Searching for vendors on your own is a daunting task, let us take care of that, and you focus on your brand.


Intuitive logo and design management

Trying to keep track of your designs, and how different vendors want them, is hard. We use the same process no matter what you order.


Better Consistency

All of our decoration processes are high quality and use the same cloud stored logos, so there is no variation in the final product.


More Inclusive Enviroment

There is no need to worry that not everyone will get the swag that fits their style, with a simple one-off style ordering everyone can get what they want.


Easy to set up Products

It is a simple process adding options for your company merch store, and can take as little as 5-10 minutes per product.

Simple, Customizable Stores

Our stores are meant to be easy to set up using HR integrations and quick customization tools.

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All of Your Swag in One Place

Searching for vendors can be a difficult process. In any organization there are a lot of opinions and multiple different tastes. One person might want a shirt for the company and one person might want a speaker the next month. Trying to find people that can sell these items, and at the right price, is tedious. And not to mention that once the product arrives, it might not be the quality that you were hoping for. A company merch store offers solutions to those problems.

  • Large Number of Options: We have made a catalog of hundreds of items from multiple different trusted vendors. We have been in this industry for well over 20 years and have learned a thing or two about who to order from
  • Variety of Decoration and Price: Our swag comes in multiple different price points and is all delivered with quality decorations. In fact, many of them are done in house.

  • Vendors You Can Trust: No need to sort through page after page on the internet, trust us to deliver the best swag out there. And if you still can’t find what your looking for, we offer product requests. Let us find what you need and get it set up and ready to be ordered.

Easy to Manage Designs and Logos

Every vendor has different requirements when it comes to artwork and placement, and trying to keep your brand looking consistent can be a challenge. That is why we have made that process streamlined with a single system for placement and artwork. Each item has a set print area that ensures a clean-looking final product. Logos can be placed in any way within the given print area. They can then be rotated, moved ,and resized to fit your exact look. Logos are also stored on the AXOMO cloud and can be used for future products. This way you can have confidence that you are using the same logo each time. There is no need to keep track of your hhigh-qualityand vector logos with AXOMO. Vector logos are optimized automatically with processes like heat transfer and laser engraving so they are ready to be used with any product. Logos are also given black, white, and CMYK variations making it possible to chanoutlooksoks depending on what you are setting up. There is no need to have design experience to make your swag look great.

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How a Company Merch Store Helps with Consistency

One Stop Shop

An AXOMO company merch store is a one-stop shop for all of your promo. We offer everything from apparel, to drinkware, electronics, and more. The way our system is set up allows for everything that we offer to be branded and designed with a simple tool. All of the size requirements, art requirements, and location needs are built into each product, just follow the prompts and you will have the same kind of quality with every item ordered

Cloud Logo Storage

All of your logos are stored for future use, you can know that each item will be using the same artwork. Each of our in-house processes are carefully monitored and go through quality control ensure we are sending our top-notch decorations, no matter the size of the order

Extensive Understanding of Vendor Requirements

There is no need to worry that the vendor you find for a piece of swag is good or bad. We make sure that our vendors are prepped and that everything you order from us reflects the care you put into your brand’s image.

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Company Merch Stores Offer a More Inclusive Environment

When ordering bulk items, it can be almost impossible to provide options that fit each team member's individual style or shape. This can lead to most people feeling satisfied with the company's choice, but a few people feeling left out

  • Multiple Different Sizes and Styles: AXOMO gives your company the opportunity to provide options, and for everyone to feel like they are a part of the team. With sizes ranging from XXS-XXXL, across multiple brands and styles, there is something for everyone. There are options for young people, older people, tech people, camping people, introverts, extroverts and many many more
  • Quick Set Up Each item can be set up in a few simple steps that can take no more than 10-15 minutes to do. So don’t let the difficulty of finding unique and interesting items stop you from giving people what they want.
  • One-Off Manufacturing: Many of our offerings can be done as one offs, so even if there is one person that has a different style than everyone else, you can show that they are a part of the team with AXOMO.

Setting Up Items for a Company Merch Store

Setting up items in a company merch store is one of the best perks of the service. Ordering swag using a more traditional method can pose many problems and one of the most difficult is trying to navigate multiple different vendors and how they want the art placement to be. Each place has its own preferences and making sure that what you send is the same each time can be difficult. That is why AXOMO uses the exact same process for each item. Items are selected from a wide catalog of options. You are then brought to a screen where you can customize placement, size, color or type of logo. Each logo is then optimized to be used for every process, so no need to limit yourself. Things like print areas, best decoration types and formatting are all taken care of automatically. You can then set preferences like pricing, who has access and variations you want to offer. Once those preferences are set, simply activate it in your store and that is it. No need to order or ship, that will be taken care of by AXOMO when an end user places their order. All in all it can take anywhere from about 10-15 minutes, depending on the amount of customization, to add a product to your company’s merch store.


Setting Up a Company Merch Store

Simple Processes

Ordering swag in the traditional sense does exclude one step, having to set up your merch store. And while this can seem like a daunting task, we have done everything we can to make that process as simple as possible. AXOMO stores are set up to have as little, or as much, customization as you want. If you want a simple set up, you stick with the default colors, add a logo to the store, use category images from the products in them and stick with our naming conventions.

HR Integrations

If you are worried about having to add in all of your employees to be users our HR integrations make that easy. Our system allows for you to import users from services like paylocity to make the process as simple as possible.

Options to Customize

If you are wanting more customization we offer the ability to make custom banners, category images, product name, pricing, security groups and much more. Making an AXOMO store can be as simple or customized as you want.

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