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Human Resources

New Hire Swag With AXOMO A Platform Built for Rewards & Employee Onboarding Loved by HR teams and employees Easily onboard new hires, order swag, manage inventory and budgets, and give truly meaningful corporate gifts Schedule A Demo Out with the old, in with the new.

Automate Your Current Employee Rewards Program

With our automated store credit rewards system, you won’t have to worry about missing an employee recognition opportunity. Offer a one-time credit to your store or set up recurring rewards based on events like work anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, corporate events, and more.

Get Creative With Our Optional Points System

Would you rather use a points system like Schrute Bucks or Galactic Credits? Use AXOMO to convert dollars to whatever currency/points system you’d like to use with ease. Let employees build up points and redeem them for something they’ll love.

Make New Hire Kit Ordering A Breeze

What better way to welcome new hires than with a custom kit full of everything they need on their first day? Well, how about one-click ordering of those kits with bulk entry options? Order all the supplies you need (like nameplates, lanyards, office signs, etc.) in a single click with our new hire kit system.

Check Out Our Current HR Software Integrations

Already using an HR software that you love? We’ve built integrations with platforms that help make syncing employee data and automating rewards a quick (and awesome) experience.