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Is a swag management platform worth the cost? Your HR, Marketing, and Finance teams are spending time on administrative tasks that they could use for initiatives that will directly impact your bottom line. Use our calculator to find out how much you could be saving.

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Annual Savings with AXOMO

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Brand Engagement Savings

Research has shown that 52% of branded gifts are regifted or thrown away in 30 days or less. That’s a lot of waste that could be going toward better gifting experiences and products that will do what they’re designed to do – boost brand exposure while building unity among your team.

When people have the power to choose how they rep your brand, they’ll have an infinitely better experience and are less likely to discard their gifts. With AXOMO, you’ll be connecting the right product with the right person every time, resulting in at least 95% less waste every year.

Average ROI: $15,750 annually

Administrative Time Savings

Consider the total amount of time spent each year sitting around talking about what to offer at an event, collecting shirt sizes and order information, negotiating with vendors, pulling items and inventory, and getting the finished product to your employees. AXOMO eliminates these pain points and frees up your staff to focus on your core work instead.

On average, our platform saves companies 1-2 full-time positions per 1,000 employees by automating the ordering and distribution of company-branded products.

Average ROI: $4,469 annually

Office (or Home) Space Savings

We think your physical space and mental space are valuable. Everyone’s seen the cluttered “marketing closet” (or these days – your living room floor) that houses all the old/unused swag items. Free up that valuable real estate with on-demand ordering and/or offsite warehousing services.

There are way too many unknown storage cubbies/office space that can be better used for their intended purpose – whether that’s a new work space, storage, warehousing, break room, or simply making your living room live-able again.

Average ROI: $3,796 annually

Employee and Client Gifting Savings

Employees love the items they receive from AXOMO more than twice as much as regular handouts. Getting to choose their own item ensures no one is left out and everyone enjoys their company-branded gear.

Beyond that – you can still use AXOMO to offer credit to the employees/clients who are less engaged with your brand and rather than creating waste, you’ll be creating corporate gift experiences that count. Plus, all of the data related to your brand engagement strategy can easily be found in the dashboard of AXOMO’s admin panel.

Average ROI: $15,750 annually

Results based on reported averages for HR generalist salary/benefits, time spent on HR/Marketing/Finance tasks related to swag management, and AXOMO 2020 brand engagement survey data.

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