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Nonprofit Branded Swag Management – Brandraising

Brandraising- Raise funds, boost nonprofit branding 🚀 AXOMO makes crowdfunding for nonprofits, ordering branded gear, and distributing t-shirts and swag a dream come true. Book A Demo Watch Video

Collect Pre-Orders and Get Bulk Savings

Automate the ordering process by using our pre-order campaigns feature. Send email reminders for users who haven’t ordered yet to reach your goal before the deadline. Then approve the order and save big by hitting quantity discounts.

Get Creative With Our Optional Points System

Would you rather use a points system like Tiger Dollars, Schrute Bucks, or Galactic Credits? Use AXOMO to convert dollars to whatever currency/points system you’d like to use with ease. Let your community build up points and redeem them for something they’ll love and remember.

Automate Your Current Employee or Donor Appreciation Program

With our automated store credit rewards system, you won’t have to worry about missing a recognition opportunity. Offer a one-time credit to your store or set up recurring rewards based on events like work anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, corporate events, and more.