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From automated employee rewards to unlimited product possibilities. Find out why organizations are choosing AXOMO to design, produce, and ship branded gear.

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The Perks: Company Swag Stores

Everyone loves snazzy swag. Whether it be a trendy t-shirt or a hip flat-billed hat, people love reppin’ their team through branded gear. And the same is true for employees who take pride in their organization.

Having company branded swag is more than just a fun free perk or a cool new thing. It’s really more like a statement. It sends a message that you as an employee are an important, valued part of our team. And that’s something every employee wants to hear.

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Boost Employee Engagement

Giving your employees the chance to feel appreciated and to represent your company through branded gear will not only lift your brand, but will also increase your employee engagement as well. And employee engagement drives organizations.

If you can design and customize your gear and allow employees to make their own selections, all the better! This is why the company swag store was born, and why AXOMO exists today to help organizations more effectively manage their company swag.

Why Use A Company Swag Store?

There is a right way and a wrong way to go about swag. If done incorrectly, the benefits of company swag can be greatly diminished amidst the costly process of ordering, holding inventory, wasted product, and hassle (for both employees and management). Why not eliminate that hassle with an online company swag store?

Company swag stores make the process of designing, ordering, shipping, inventory management and receiving of company swag streamlined and simple. Plus they provide an easily accessible solution for employees, managers and even in some cases, customers, to access company gear whenever they need it. An Online company store can be a solution for many different purposes and for many different kinds of organizations.

Here are a few of the top ways that people are using internal swag stores today in their organization:

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Save Time and Hassle

AXOMO has grown to be a robust swag vendor platform that can help companies develop a company swag store as a tool for not just employees, but also customers, and even HR managers, marketing professionals and others within the organization.

Whether you are a large corporation, or a smaller business or even a nonprofit or other type organization, AXOMO can be your swag solution. Learn more about the benefits of company stores and how the AXOMO platform can be a great solution to make your company swag a raving success.

Improving ROI on Custom Branded Gear

Some people wonder if an employee swag store is beneficial, and how it can help their business.

After all, what does company swag have to do with the bottom line?  

Everyone knows that branding is important, and getting your name out there and elevating your brand in the eyes of customers has a tremendous impact on an organization’s success. Most people know too, that this is the purpose of branded gear and swag – to help elevate your brand, unify employees, and engage customers around your brand message. 

Think about it: how many t-shirts, hats or key chains have you seen in the last month with a company name on them?  

Companies are getting their name out there, and advertising their brand with much more than just a billboard off the interstate. They are promoting their company culture and values with that t-shirt that their employee will wear in front of all of their friends for years to come.

Recruiting and Onboarding

In addition to employee rewards, HR managers love company swag for recruiting and for preparing employee onboarding kits. 

Nothing makes a new employee feel more a part of the team than a package on their first day with some fun company gear. It adds to the hype of a new position and a new start and helps the new employee be even more excited about their new job. 

In addition, recruiters will often send potential candidates swag as part of the recruiting process to help engage candidates with the organization. 

Getting company swag for these events by using the company swag store makes things that much easier for your recruiter or HR manager, freeing them to spend more time on hiring and attracting top talent.

Employee Rewards Swag

Employee Rewards

One of the top reasons the company store was created is for employee rewards. They provide a great way to boost employee engagement and add some fun into the process through reward or point systems that can translate into credits at the company store – just one of the many reasons HR Managers love them.

Employers can reward employees for achieving key metrics or goals or even for great performance reviews by giving them credits that can be used at the company store to purchase awesome swag. 

Employees can select the gear they want and choose from a wide selection of customized gear with company logos and brand messaging.

Company swag platforms bring a fun way to reward employees and make them feel valued while allowing employees to become the number one champions of your brand in the process.

Marketing and Trade Shows

Rather than spending time and energy ordering from an outside distributor, using an online company store can help your marketing team order merchandise without the hassle of minimum quantities, slow shipping and wasted product. As an online swag vendor we can provide everything you need in one place.

(We’ve all seen the trash cans full of promo products like stress balls, pens, and lanyards at trade shows).

Instead, your marketing team can order directly from your company swag store, and get the best products for their marketing efforts with minimum hassle.

Trade Show Swag Distribution
Company Uniform Platform

Uniform Programs

For any organization that requires uniforms, a company swag store makes getting additional or replacement gear very easy. 

Employees don’t need to bother their managers about getting additional uniforms because they can easily order the product themselves and get the right sizing and design for their needs. 

Managers can even order employee name badges or IDs individually or with a bulk CSV upload on their company store. This turns a process that used to take 30 minutes to an hour into something that only takes about a couple minutes. Depending on the number of new hires you have, this could equal hundreds of hours saved every year. 

Company stores free up managers to focus on their many other duties without having to worry about ordering employee uniforms from an outside distributor.


Customer Engagement

Some organizations use internal swag stores not just to engage employees, but also to engage their most loyal customers. Organizations can offer their customers a chance to purchase brand gear from their online store and can even offer branded gear as part of a product promotion.

World leaders like Google, Adobe, Microsoft, and others offer customers access to company swag stores in addition to using company swag stores for employees and as incentives for training programs.

Your organization can leverage the power of swag too, to encourage customers to purchase or to allow your loyal customers to become brand champions and showcase your brand to the world.

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Cut costs and improve efficiency <br> with a custom swag store

AXOMO Store Features

If you’re looking for an online company swag store solution, look no further. Here are our top features that help make us an industry leader in swag:

Our platform is simple and streamlined, making it easy to implement and easy to use. Our team of experts will help you get your system set up with our user-friendly platform that makes it easy to order your custom merchandise with just a click of a button. We take care of all of the setup for you and have staff ready to assist you with any problems or questions. Our system is intuitive, user friendly and simple to keep the hassle out of the swag.

AXOMO has in-house production and warehousing services where you can produce and store any product that you can think of. No need to worry about inventory counts or production logistics; we’ll take care of all of that for you. We also don’t have production minimum quantities and we will ensure your merchandise is made to our high standards of quality. We will produce your inventory in-house, store it and ship it for you to most any location in the U.S. And we have analytics to help you know what inventory you currently have, what products are low and what products are top sellers or not selling.

Our shipping capabilities are some of the best in the industry, and some of our customers have even said that our shipping is comparable to Amazon Prime! Because of our centralized shipping location we can ship to most any location in the United States within 2-5 business days. However, for many locations we can even offer same-day shipping, allowing you to get your products even faster. Due to our efficient production and logistics systems, we can get you the product you need right in time for that big event or to delight your employee with receiving the gear that they ordered the very next day. We also don’t have production minimum quantities and we will ensure your merchandise is made to our high standards of quality. We will produce your inventory in-house, store it and ship it for you to most any location in the U.S. And we have analytics to help you know what inventory you currently have, what products are low and what products are top sellers or not selling.

Another of our favorite features of the AXOMO platform is the ability to see real time data about inventory, product sales, purchases and ROI. Through our data analytics that is built directly into the software platform, you can analyze key statistics about how your store is doing at any given time. Having the ability to analyze real time data allows you to take away so much of the waste and hassle that comes with swag management, in ordering the wrong kinds of products to your store or running out of top sellers. Now you can see inventory stock numbers and well as which items aren’t selling so that you avoid ordering those items and wasting funds and instead investing in the right products to have better customer satisfaction with your store and swag and a better ROI.

Our platform makes it easy for you to customize your own designs for gear with our simple drag and drop features. You can design hundreds of different items with different combinations of your brand logo and messaging to give employees a wide variety of products to choose from and new options each time they come back to the store.

If you have questions or need help, AXOMO offers an experienced account management team with experts in the software to help you troubleshoot problems and discover and utilize the features of the platform to their fullest potential. We have over 20 years of experience in the industry and can leverage that experience to make sure that you get the support you need for a painless swag process. Our team never spams you with unwanted messages, but instead is there as a resource to help you anytime you need. We want to be on your team to help give your employees and customers a revolutionary swag experience and to make your swag work for your organization’s success.