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The Revamping of Corporate Gifting through Online Employee Apparel Stores

Survey data has found that 52% of corporate-branded apparel is either thrown away or regifted. Thankfully, there is a new method for engaging, rewarding, and outfitting team members in a way that's fun, personalized, and much more viral for a company's brand.

Creating a Company Swag Store Is Simple with AXOMO

If you’ve got 5 minutes, then you’ve got an AXOMO store … and it’s off to the races! Account Creation / Reserving Your URL = 1 minute Uploading Artwork Files < 2 minutes Picking Out Items = Fun (so the time is irrelevant) Designing Items ~ 2 minutes Automating Your Swag/Rewards Allows You to Do

How AXOMO is Used to Reward and Motivate Your Team

Your one-stop shop for all things swag, AXOMO takes the hassle out of rewarding your team. No need to shop around four or five different vendors only to find out that their minimum orders are way higher than your needs. There is no need to turn something that should be a fun part of your

Most-Loved Swag Items and Corporate Gifts From 2022

2022’s Most-Loved Corporate Gifts We compiled a list of the top five most-ordered swag items and corporate gifts from 2022, sorted by category. It’s so fun to see the unique items companies choose to represent their brand and help employees, clients, and stakeholders feel like a part of the team.  Jump to a category here

7 Ways to Turn Old Swag into Meaningful Touchpoints

Old swag and unused stock items do nothing to help your brand awareness and unify your company. Getting your items out in public and distributed among your employees is what we strive to do. For items that are just not selling, and taking up your valuable warehouse space, here are some suggestions to help move

Employee Recognition
3 Tips For Mastering Employee Recognition

Employee recognition is a crucial part in both retention and positive work environments, but trying to run a good recognition program is difficult. Mastering employee recognition, however, can be attainable with some time, and effort. Here are a few tips to get you off on the right foot. Individual vs Group Recognition Think of “recognition”

cost per wear
What is cost per wear and why should you care?

Cost per wear is the concept that the more a garment is worn the better value it is over time. Cost per wear is a great way to ensure that people are engaging with your brand and that you get the most out of company swag. So rather than giving your employees the same boxy

As industries of all shapes and sizes start shifting to sustainable processes, more eco-friendly swag become available. With that being said we are pleased to announce a partnership with Coalatree, a bluesign® certified vendor
New Sustainable Vendor: Coalatree

As industries of all shapes and sizes start shifting to sustainable processes, more eco-friendly swag has started to become available. About 17 million tons of clothes are thrown away by Americans each year. We need to have a more sustainable way to shop and live. With that being said we are pleased to announce a

cotopaxi bag
New Company Swag Ideas for 2022

Getting employees excited about the merch on your store can be tricky. Finding trendy franchise swag items that also fit your brand’s message and promoting those items are obstacles you may run into. But keep pushing forward, trendy items have some huge benefits. Not only will employees want the swag on the store, but the

Blockfi Swag
Ways BlockFi uses AXOMO to Improve their Corporate Gifting

For our January 2021 webinar, Blockfi came and shared how they use AXOMO (and Bonusly) for their corporate gifting. BlockFi is a company set on making crypto more accessible to a global community. It does that through customized services and software’s. It is also company spread across the whole world through remote workers. After introducing