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Corporate Sustainability

Defining the Problem

It’s not realistic to ask businesses to stop advertising or doting on their employees and clients, but it is absolutely important that we address the ever-increasing amount of waste that results from those efforts.

So, the question becomes, “How do we get MORE out of fewer items?” More usage, more enjoyment, more exposure, more company pride. Well, that is exactly what AXOMO was built to solve.

52% of corporate gear is thrown away or regifted. Where do all those “It’s the thought that counts” gifts end up? Our studies show corporate swag is contributing more to waste and the negative impact on the atmosphere than most people are aware of, and it’s completely preventable.

    Getting Serious About the Solution

    When you allow individuals to pick out their own gear/gifts, studies show they are up to 20 times more likely to use those items repeatedly and well beyond 30 days of receiving them.

    They are also 88% more likely to don those items publicly after normal business hours (a side benefit with exciting marketing implications). Think about that, a product that’s picked out on AXOMO is statistically guaranteed to get used more, at an average rate of 12 to 1, versus traditional bulk giveaways.

      How We’re Taking Action

      To put this into perspective, we should ask ourselves if we’d rather see 12 meaningless items sitting in a landfill today or 1 meaningful and well-worn item that lands there years from now.

      The idyllic answer is … neither. But for the reality we all deal with, AXOMO represents a massive change and a sustainable trajectory.

        Some of our Sustainable Items

        We have many different products that come from sustainable sources. We make sure that you get the highest quality goods while ensuring keeping a good and sustainable future for your company and everyone else. Pick from our massive amount of different products. There is something there for everyone.