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With employee retention at an all-time low in most industries, it is crucial for companies to find ways to keep their employees engaged and recognized in their roles. Employee rewards programs increase employee motivation, productivity, and job satisfaction, keeping them in their companies-and happy with their companies–for much longer. The following are unique employee rewarding ideas that can improve employee experience and retention, and how AXOMO can uniquely fulfill each of these in the workplace.

1. Company Shirt of the Month Competition

Many times, employees have ideas for how to make a brand or concept, they just do not have an outlet to share it to. With a company-wide shirt of the month competition, let employees design a new logo or seasonal theme for their company. Choose a winner, and reward this employee for their unique creativity related to the workplace. 

AXOMO Integration: Put the winning logo or design on a t-shirt, hat, or any product, and let employees order their coworkers’ creations! You can reward the winner of the chosen design of the month with AXOMO credit, so that they can purchase their own design on an item or choose another piece of company swag that they’ve been eyeing. 

2. Work Anniversary Celebration

Recognize and celebrate work anniversaries employees hit so they feel appreciated for their time at their company. Work anniversaries do not have to be limited to 5 or 10 years. Instead, celebrate every milestone employees reach, such as two-month, 6-month, and 1-year anniversaries. When employees are rewarded for even the smallest wins, they’ll see their time with the company well-spent and valued. 

AXOMO Integration: Reward employees on their work anniversaries with AXOMO credit to your company store to let them choose an anniversary gift they’ll use and love. Put unique items such as tech gadgets or desk accessories they can order to celebrate their time with the company. 


3. Employee of the Month Recognition 

“Employee of the Month” has been a timeless employee rewards program used by companies. Depending on the size of your organization, you may choose to have more than one employee recognized each month. Acknowledging employees’ performances monthly not only makes these employees feel rewarded for their hard work, but motivates others to strive for excellence and this recognition, as well. 

AXOMO Integration: Create an “Employee of the Month” kit on your AXOMO store that can be ordered for these employees. Fill it with swag and goodies as a reward for this accomplishment, and order it for each employee of the month and ship it directly to them. Or, reward the employee of the month with AXOMO credit so they can choose company swag they want. 


4. Health and Wellness Incentives and Amenities

Investing in the well-being of your employees is crucial for maintaining a healthy and motivated workforce. If it is within your budget, offering stipends or coverage of gym memberships, fitness classes, and wellness apps is a fulfilling incentive for employees starting or a reward for employees who have been with the company. Even offering snacks in the office or extra 15-minute breaks are small-yet-effective ways to reward your employees and increase their wellness and productivity. 

AXOMO Integration: Put a “Wellness” section on your company AXOMO store, and fill it with branded fitness apparel, water bottles, and workout gear. Give employees the choice to order high-end, sustainable products that also contribute to their health and well-being. 


5. Company/Team Retreats 

Organize team-building retreats or outings as a way to reward teams for their collaborative efforts and achievements. These events provide an opportunity for employees to bond outside of the workplace and strengthen team dynamics. Consider planning activities like outdoor adventures, workshops, or volunteer projects that align with your company’s mission and goals.

AXOMO Integration: Build a “Retreats” section on your company AXOMO store that has branded swag specifically available for different company retreats. Create a logo for each retreat and put this design on shirts, hats, towels, water bottles, and more. Employees can order this swag to use on the retreat, and then also have it as a keepsake after the tip. 

6. Personalized Swag Redemption: 

Instead of handing out bulk-printed promo items your employees may not even want, reward them with the power to choose their company swag. Let them choose from branded apparel, tech items, desk accessories, and more. 

AXOMO Integration: This is the heart of AXOMO. Create a company store and fill it with thousands of items from our catalog that can be branded by us and ordered by employees. Reward your employees with AXOMO credit to choose the items they want and watch this rewards program create an excited, motivated atmosphere amongst your employees! 

Employee rewards programs create unrestrained, necessary strides amongst employee recognition and retention, and will keep your new and current employees engaged and satisfied. Try any of these reward programs today and learn how AXOMO can fit into your company’s rewards model with a free demo here

Happy rewarding!