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Benefits of Company Swag Management Programs

Better Human Resources

Increased Employee Engagement and Participation

Traditional organizations work by ordering branded merchandise and passing it out to employees. Less than 15% of employees actually love what they receive. This means that we have a lot of throwaway items and shirts in our closets. While they are happy to get a gift, it means so much more when they have a choice. While Marketing or Management still sets the guidelines and options, Axomo gives employees a choice. This increases participation by 5x in just a few months. Morale is up, people can express themselves individually and through the brand. Our methods of advocating for employee choice can make or break those final elements of internal culture.

New Employee Material Distribution

Managing apparel sizes, required documents, correct names, etc. for new employees can be incredibly time-consuming. With Axomo, onboarding new employees is quick and easy. Documents can be sent, sizes and styles selected, and business cards and name plates ordered. The best part? It’s shipped straight to the office and is available to your employees on day one.

Distribution of Replacement Apparel/Items

Remove the hassle of replacement uniforms, tags, and other items. Shirt shrank in the wash? Name tag broken in half? Axomo allows employees access to the items they need when they need them making item replacement effortless.

Employee Incentive Programs

Axomo makes incentivizing your employees easy with the distribution of gift cards or even free items with the click of a button. Already have a company incentive platform? Axomo’s API access allows simplified integration by providing your branded goods for distribution through a third party.

Large Hire Classes

Keeping large groups of new hires organized can be difficult and tedious! Axomo takes minutes instead of hours to create multiple accounts and provide them with your standard new hire packet.

Employee Termination

Easily remove access to users who no longer meet your criteria for branded item distribution. Axomo can quickly rescind security group access, available store credit, budget allotments, and much more.

Marketing Uses

Brand Compliance and Consistency

Tired of seeing awkward variations of the brand? Is legal to ask your team to tighten the reigns on what is appropriate for branding usage? With Axomo, all of the compliance issues and consistency are managed in one platform. New designs are approved by Marketing to ensure compliance, other departments can sign off on them as well before full-scale distribution. Breathe easy knowing that there is compliance and consistency worldwide in your brand. Every person, every item, and every store emotes a consistent image.

Conventions, Expos, Events, etc.

Your Axomo store consolidates all of your promotional items in one central distribution platform. Select which items you need for a given event and use our discounted shipping rates to get it there with plenty of time to spare. If you have surplus items following the event, ship them back to us and we’ll put them back into your store inventory.

Client Acquisition/Retention Spend Tracking

Axomo provides numerous avenues to track your marketing spend. By allocating budgets and with detailed reports, you stay informed throughout the entire process.

Time-Saving Distribution

Remove the hassle of managing stock, processing orders, organizing multiple destinations, and negotiating shipping rates by using Axomo. Axomo is a full-service solution and allowing us to produce, store, and distribute your items frees you and your team to focus on growing your business.

Cater to Your Client

Allow personalized gifts and incentives with Axomo. Instead of grabbing a random shirt from your marketing closet, send your users a gift card and let them choose a product. Not only will it cost the same, but your client/employee is more likely to proudly display your brand.

Financial Uses

Consolidated Reporting

Instead of contacting multiple departments and vendors, Axomo provides all the necessary data in one central tab. Filter your results in one of our many reports and easily download them for integrations in the accounting software of your choice.

Save Time and Money

Remove the hassle of managing stock, processing orders, organizing multiple destinations, and negotiating shipping rates. Axomo is a full-service solution that produces, stores, and distributes your items, freeing you and your team to focus on growing your business.

Return on Investment

Axomo provides the amount spent on branded items for each client, helping you quantify the effectiveness of your marketing dollars. Easily download a budget spend report and compare the figures.

Measurable Returns

Not only can you distribute your branded items to your employees and customer base, but you have complete control of the retail price of the items in your store. Give items away for free or mark up items for the general public while discounting them for your employees. Axomo gives you ultimate control.

Inventory Storage

Why have just a swag closet when you could have a whole warehouse?
Our team of experts in inventory management and logistics eases your burden of storage and fulfillment. We maintain accurate inventory counts so you can pull a report at any given time to review stock counts and the value of inventory.


Item Popularity

It’s important to know what items are stagnant and which ones are flying off the shelves. Use Axomo’s item tracking system to more accurately replenish your store and meet your customer’s needs.

User Management

Axomo’s user database provides all the valuable information you need to manage your user base. View order histories, credit balances, order amounts, and dates, all at a glance.

Order Tracking

Use Axomo’s comprehensive gift card system to distribute your branded items outside of your company. Issue credit, track redemptions, and view shipping information.


Dated Promotional Items

By increasing the exposure of your items, the cycle of item replenishment becomes shorter. Axomo helps track your promotional items and prominently display them to your entire user base.

Customer Support

Your dedicated Axomo rep is available around the clock. Their familiarity with your store and items helps swiftly handle orders, returns, and defects.

Wide Exposure

The majority of employees wish to proudly display their company. Axomo allows you to turn your every-day employees into brand ambassadors, increasing your reach and corporate exposure.