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3 Tips for Mastering Employee Recognition

Employee recognition is a crucial part in both retention and positive work environments, but trying to run a good recognition program is difficult. Mastering employee recognition, however, can be attainable with some time, and effort.

Here are a few tips to get you off on the right foot.


Individual vs. Group Recognition

Think of “recognition” like a car with many components that serve special purposes.  In this metaphor, Individual Recognition would be the motor and Group Recognition would equate to rearview mirrors.  The mirrors are absolutely important, but by all means, make sure you keep the motor running well.

Consider changing your rewards and gifting strategies to focus more on the individual and their preference.  For example, instead of giving out the same gift (i.e. a food basket, or a scented candle) to everyone at a year-end company party, you could offer a range of options ahead of time and let them choose.

It is also important to identify and celebrate individual Work Anniversaries, personal achievements, and life events (whenever appropriate). Celebrating these events shows an interest in your employees as people, and not just coworkers.

Balance your rewards program with EXPERIENCES.

Want to know if you’re building great relationships with your employees?  Just ask yourself this, “Am I creating memories with my team that are photo-worthy?” Find activities that everyone can enjoy and don’t be afraid to try them out. You might be surprised at the things you learn about your team.

Company gifts and gear are awesome and important for team momentum, but their inherent value quadruples through EXPERIENCES. Linking a piece of merchandise to a positive memory not only increases its closet life, but also helps associate the brand that gear represents with those positive memories.

CAUSE-based Recognition

Never lose sight of the WHY.  As humans, we all feel more motivated in our work when we understand WHY we’re doing what we’re doing. Make sure you continually tie your rewards and praise back to the company’s mission and core values.

Taking an interest in the causes or charities your employees care about may facilitate opportunities to foster more unity and long-term loyalty. Obviously, employers can’t support every personal interest, but being open and conscious about what’s meaningful to the team (outside of work) can lead to more inclusion.

One way to go about that is through employee-run committees for soliciting input and managing certain philanthropic activities.

How AXOMO can help.

AXOMO is an employee gifting management software that takes the hassle out of branded gear and lets you focus on the rewards.

Don’t let your employee recognition program be all about the process, and instead make it the best it can be by letting us do the hard stuff like order management, shipping, logo placements and much more.

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