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What Is a Vector Logo?

What is a Vector Logo?

A vector logo is made up of lines, points, and curves based on mathematical equations rather than solid-colored square pixels. This allows designers to have clear image quality and size flexibility.

Normal Logo vs. Vector Logo Quality

Why does AXOMO prefer a vector logo?

Vector logos have limitless resolution and therefore are preferred when designing and producing branded apparel. This is also why AXOMO prefers vector logos.

You may have seen the warning image below while uploading your first logo. Our priority is to size your logo with incredible precision and consistency in branding. Doing so requires a vector logo.

How do I create a vector logo? 

Our on-staff design team is experienced and ready to help you convert your logo into a vector. We charge $75 per hour and you can receive a vector logo for unlimited production possibilities.

Some incredible benefits of using our design team include:
  • Production-Ready images from the start
  • One-time purchase can be used over and over again
  • Artwork is kept on file for easier, faster use
  • Excellent customer service is the expectation
Click here to learn more about our design team.
You can also contact them at: graphics@namify.com for information on how to transform your logo from blah to BAM!

Another way of converting your logo into a vector image is by using Adobe Illustrator. Just know that due to the easy use of a vector image, converting your logo in Illustrator takes time and correct software, but can be done using their Image Trace feature.

After your logo has been transformed into a vector, AXOMO will take care of the heavy lifting from there. Ask your sales rep about our design team today!

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