Top 3 Ways to Know if Your Company Swag Needs an Update - Axomo

Here at AXOMO, we’re leaning in to the future of swag through our online employee brand engagement platform. With that future comes exciting ways to make sure your swag matches the tone and feeling of your brand. Take a good look at your company-branded gear and find out if updating your franchise swag distribution is right for you

Here are the top 3 ways to know if your company swag needs an update:

1) No one is wearing your apparel

Turns out, everyone has their own sense of style and sizing preferences. If you try to encapsulate everyone with a one-style-fits-all attitude, you’ll be drowning in excel spreadsheets and disappointed that only a handful of employees or clients are wearing what was picked. Time for an update if you don’t see anyone wearing your gear!

2) You’ve given the same gift every year

Just as your company evolves and changes over time, so do employee wants and gear trends. Item trends fluctuate depending on current needs or wants in the market. If you’ve been dusting off the same employee or client holiday gift for the last couple of years, time to revamp your gifting items to something trendy and relevant.

3) Apparel is your only company-branded item

Apparel is a great way to enhance brand awareness…but it isn’t the only way to capture public attention. Creating unique custom items, specific to your industry, is a great option to stand out from the normal swag item crowd. From engraved Bluetooth speakers to custom employee welcome kits, update your items to something as custom and unique as your brand is.

Company swag doesn’t have to be a pain point or a boring part of your brand. If you’ve found that no one is wearing your branded apparel, you’ve given the same gifts over and over, or that apparel is the only swag item you have, then it’s time for a company swag update!

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