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What Does “Swag” Mean?

Swag has become a popular word in pop culture in recent years, but what does it mean in a corporate setting, and how can it elevate your promotional product game?

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“Roll up to the Club, looking fly, swag on a hundred, feeling so high” -”Get Low” by Lil Jon

Lil Jon is just one of the many artists to sing about swag, but what does swag even mean? Sure, many artists use the word “swag” to mean confidence, style, and self-expression. However, there are acronyms of swag that more completely grasp what the word has come to mean over time, especially in a corporate setting. Lil Jon, Kanye West, and Rihanna already sing about swag, but they you be interested to learn exactly what swag means.


What does Swag Mean?

Commonly, swag’s definition comes from its acronym: “Stuff We All Get.” Immediately, thoughts of branded pens, cups, t-shirts, mouse pads, and so much more come to mind. This is stuff we all get from trade shows, new job orientation, giveaways, company events, and any other facet where brand advertising and recruitment take place.

Another acronym defining swag has been created through the promotional industry: “Souvenirs, Wearables, and Gifts.” This allows for the meaning of “swag” to encompass a lot more than bulk promotional products. Gifted items, apparel, and other items classified as “swag” do not have to be impersonal and cheap. Conscious corporate swag choices can benefit both recipients and companies, allowing them to get their “swag on a hundred.”

Interestingly, corporate swag can help employees and customers achieve the “swag” that Lil Jon and other artists sing about. Through intentional, personalized swag, companies can promote confidence, style, and self-expression in their employees. When employees get to choose the swag they want to wear or use, they can choose options that promote their own confidence, style, and…well…swagger.



More Song Lyrics with the Word “Swag”

  • “I got my swag on, I got my swag on, I got my swag on, yeah, yeah,” -”Turn My Swag On” by Souja Boy
  • “Swagger on a hundred thousand trillion” – “Run This Town” by Jay-Z (featuring Rihanna and Kanye West)
  • “I got swag, I’m on fire, I’m so hot, you’ll get burned if you touch me” – “Swag It Out” by Zendaya
  • “I got that swag, I got that drip, I’m in my bag, I’m taking trips” – “Drip Too Hard” by Lil Baby & Gunna
  • “Got that swag, I’m absurd, my hustle is the illest, my flow is the worst” – “What More Can I Say” by Jay-Z











Swag can be just about anything that can be branded, used, and gifted. The more options, the better!

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Online storefronts like AXOMO allow for companies to design their own custom swag on thousands of different products.











AXOMO is the leading platform that allows your employees to choose their own custom corporate swag!











With corporate swag they choose themselves, employees can gain confidence and self-expression from their company

















Everyone at a company is different and has their own style and tastes. The best corporate swag is able to encompass everyone’s personal style!

















Branded apparel is a current leading trend in corporate swag.


More on Corporate Swag

The Power of Swag: Corporate swag has become a powerful tool that can create brand awareness, build customer loyalty, enhance the employee experience, and express company culture. Swag that is high-qualityintentional, and sustainable not only saves swag from ending up in landfills, but it is also more valuable to both the company and to those who receive it. One of the best ways to exemplify the power of swag is to let employees or clients choose the swag that they want and use.

Types of Corporate Swag: Corporate swag can be an umbrella term for promotional products, corporate gifts, company merchandise, and employee incentives. What once was a branded pen can now be custom apparel, branded tools and tech pieces, tote bags and backpacks, and whatever else companies can dream up! Current favorites in the corporate industry are branded Nike backpacks, The North Face coats, and Travis Mathew hats, all of which AXOMO offers.

Branding and Identity: Brand identity may be the most important element of a company, as it accounts for a company’s reputation, mission, and visual appeal. Companies can achieve effective branding by aligning corporate swag with their values, target audience, and goals. Choosing sustainable products is one example of conscious swag choice by companies, and will not go unnoticed by its employees or consumers.

Trends in Corporate Swag: Sustainable swag, branded tech gadgets, custom apparel and bags, and personalized products are all current trends in corporate swag. Platforms like AXOMO allow companies to combine each of these current trends on their own, personalized online storefront, where their employees and clients can choose the swag that they’d like to rep their brand in. To learn more about how AXOMO can elevate your swag game, click here!

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