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Dirtylicious’ Swag Success With AXOMO


Dare to Dance: How Dirtylicious Dance Fitness found Swag Success with AXOMO

Life was groovier as a kid when it was acceptable to dance whenever, wherever, and however. Two women have made it their journey to keep this drive alive for those who lost it in adulthood, through their platform called Dirtylicious Dance Fitness. Dirtylicious Dance Fitness is a beginner dance fitness class that allows dancers to join a like-minded community, grow their confidence, and get a fun workout through choreographed dancing. It has been featured on Good Things Utah, Buzzfeed, and ABC.

Chelsea Curtis and Erika Tanner started their Dirtylicious journey four years ago, and as their company’s popularity grew, they got numerous requests from their clients for merch.

Chelsea recalls the initial interest in selling branded merch that piqued in her and Erika. “And not just that,” she said, “We wanted to promote our class. We wanted people to know this is a new format, it’s exciting, and to join the movement!” (Quite literally, as dancers).

They began to ask around to see how many of their dancers were actually interested in ordering a sweatshirt. Instead of just a few requests for a sweatshirt, much to Chelsea and Erika’s surprise, they received over fifty orders! However, that would be when the real challenge began.

“I went from store to store, shopping for hundreds of sweatshirts,” Erika said. They spent hours looking through apparel at Walmart and Target, grabbing whatever sizes and sweatshirts were left. Without any professional gear, Chelsea and Erika began hand-branding each of these with an iron and Cricket machine.

“We went home, got on my Cricket, and started cutting and printing and ironing,” Chelsea said. “Some of the shirts were more straight than others… My kitchen became a Dirtylicious sweatshop.”

Amid their chaos of trying to navigate managing orders, buying and branding sweatshirts, and dispersing them to customers; a friend referred the women to an all-in-one branding, ordering, and management platform: AXOMO.

“[AXOMO] was a game changer. We walked through the website and the process. [It was] super simple. Create a website, go through and choose the items you want, and add them to our site.” Chelsea said. AXOMO allowed the women to grow their merchandise catalog from one hand-ironed sweatshirt to hundreds of different branded items that they can regularly update with the click of a button. They now can direct their dancers to their AXOMO site, and from there the fulfillment, management, and shipping of each product is taken care of for them.

“It was a really good peace of mind as a business owner to know that someone else has got this [covered]. We will promote the items, and then [AXOMO] will do the rest,” Chelsea said. “They will do the orders. They will do all of the fulfillment, and my fingers are burnt anymore.”

“We as founders of a business have so many other roles many hats that we are wearing day to day merch shop was another weight on our shoulders,” Erika added.

With AXOMO, Chelsea and Erika have had more time to exponentially grow their business, while also growing their merch store. Dirtylicious-branded hoodies, sweats, fanny packs, beanies, and more are now ordered daily by their dancers, and the entire process is taken care of through AXOMO.

Erika will never look back after integrating AXOMO into Dirtylicious. “It is so nice that we have AXOMO to take that weight off of our shoulders for us. It’s been really awesome.”

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