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Warehousing and On-Demand Ordering – What’s the Difference?

There are two ways to purchase and distribute new products: on demand or warehoused ordering.

You may end up using one or both of these options, depending on the items you have available and the quantities desired. Here are a few advantages of each type of ordering to help you consider what works best for your store:

On-Demand Items

This ordering option allows your Axomo users to order items on a case-by-case basis with out you placing a bulk order ahead of time. It’s great for things like nameplates, name tags, heat transfer/embroidered apparel, and bags. Some items ordered on-demand may take longer to ship because they go through production first, but items can be individually customized without having to place a bulk order.


  • No money up front
  • No warehousing fees
  • Allows for individualizing items (name tags/business cards)

Warehoused Orders

Warehousing your items simply means ordering and producing items up front in larger quantities and storing them in our warehouse. Why deal with messy supply closets or sorting through boxes of merchandise when you can neatly store items and ship from the same place with a warehouse solution? 

Axomo offers one of the most affordable warehouse storage solutions at just $0.71/cubic foot ($0.57 for our pro level subscribers) per month so you only pay for the space you’re actually using. Other companies typically charge per pallet and require items in different categories to be stored on separate pallets.


  • Earn huge savings on the cost of your products with bulk discounts
  • Same day shipping
  • Low stock alerts for when it is time to reorder
  • Allows live tracking of item inventory levels 24/7
  • Offer your users a wider section of items
  • Remove minimum quantity limitations

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