Get the Most Out of Your Store With Multiple Audiences - Axomo

You can use your store for a variety of outlets to make ordering branded items a consistent and easy process.

Many Axomo users maintain their store for a single purpose, but as you begin to add more items and users, you may discover new uses for your store. Here are a few more ways you can use your store to eliminate time and hassle:

  • Internal Use – Offering items to your employees such as business cards, envelopes and letterhead, name tags, or other office supplies. This eliminates multiple trips to the store by having office supplies on-hand and ready to use when your staff needs them.
  • Marketing Purposes – Providing branded apparel, promotional products, banners, signs, or other marketing products on your store. This improves brand consistency by ensuring that all employees in every office or region have access to the same marketing materials.
  • Employee/Client Gifts – You can also have seasonal items such as employee or client gifts. Just create a category visible to the users you select and fill it with items that your clients can choose from to be thanked by your company. Or create exclusive branded items in a category that your employees can unlock when they hit their work anniversary. Just create a hidden category and add employees to it when their anniversary date comes around.
  • Sell To Public – Mark up items in the “pricing” category so you can sell your branded items to the public as a regular online store. Choose to create a lower price (using a price break) for employees or keep the same price for everyone.
  • Franchising – Give all of your different groups or locations the same advantage by offering consistent clipboards, menus, apparel, or other business supplies all in the same place. No longer will you have to deal with ordering through different vendors or brand inconsistencies!
  • Trade Show Supplies – Create a category for trade show supplies like handouts, table covers, banners, pens, and more. Have your employees order these items to be produced on-demand or buy in bulk to cut costs and store the items until an order comes through.