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Using Axomo to Distribute Custom Items (Case Study)

You can use Axomo to distribute custom-made items which makes having franchise locations so much easier!

Here’s how we were able to help one of our clients find a solution for distributing their uniquely made socks (and save them money with custom manufacturing):

Case Study: 

With multiple increasingly popular franchise locations (and more to come soon), this client needed a solution to order and distribute their awesome custom-made branded items to their different locations.

One item in particular – branded socks, were causing a bit of trouble. They’d have to go through one place to order the socks and another place to customize them and their logo was never consistently in the same location with their vendor.

The client decided to work with our custom manufacturing team to create the socks, order them in bulk, and warehouse them for future orders.

This not only improved brand consistency, but also saved them 14% on sock orders!


For franchises, school districts, and other businesses with multiple locations, Axomo is the perfect solution to maintain brand consistency and save money through warehousing and order distribution.

Not only will you save office space by avoiding clutter, you can also ship from a central location and ensure items that are sent to all of your locations are high quality and have the brand style you envisioned.

If you have an item you think would be the perfect fit for your Axomo store (and may even save you money with custom manufacturing), reach out to your Axomo rep or send an email to to find out what we can do for you.

Stay tuned next week for an exciting announcement about Axomo Version 2!

-The Axomo Team

Aside from the dozens of items you can automatically create on your Axomo store, you can also work with your rep to add your own items.

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