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Case Study: Unlocking New Capabilities With Employee Rewards

Utah Community Credit Union (UCCU) launched AXOMO to save time and unleash the full potential of their brand.

UCCU faced several challenges with their branded products, with distribution being the largest hurdle to overcome. With 17 branches and an increasing number of employees requesting branded products, shipping out orders was taking up a significant amount of the HR team’s time each week.

This distribution problem prevented their team from doing the fun things they used to – like giving out exclusive shirts to tenured employees. Their HR staff also had to deal with a full closet of products, which made it difficult to continue monitoring inventory manually.

And finally, their team spent time ordering through numerous vendors for name tags, apparel and other products, which frequently resulted in products that didn’t meet standard brand guidelines.

That’s when UCCU decided to make the switch to AXOMO and shift their outlook on branded products.

“It really helps that everything I need to manage my brand is all in one place. It’s easy to order online and I don’t have to deal with a huge closet full of products anymore.”
– Cara Hall, UCCU Product Manager

Branch managers were given access so they could order branded products and have orders shipped directly to their location. Built-in reporting features gave the HR team new insight on their employees’ order history and stock counts.

They automated the gifting process so employees could “unlock” an exclusive line of shirts when they hit their tenure. These features (and more) helped UCCU save countless hours and personalize the branded product experience.

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