Store Credit, Giveaways, or Gift Cards? - Axomo

Many of our clients ask us the best way they can distribute corporate gear to their employees. Though every company is different, our clients’ experiences have shown that some methods of rewarding employees have proven to be more successful at improving brand engagement than others.

We’ve put together this list to help you decide which method of distributing items to your employees will work best for your store.

Method One: Presenting Employees With One Specific Item

Employees are simply presented with items – the manager chooses an item, orders a large quantity to keep in stock, and then gives that item away to employees.


  – More control over the items being given away


  – Employees may not like it and throw it away

  – One person makes all the decisions

Method Two: Employees Choose Certain Items Using Store Credit

Employees are given the option to choose between one or more items on AXOMO and are given a code to redeem for the specified item or group of items.


  – Those who don’t want it won’t redeem it so no money is thrown away


  – Selection of items is still limited for employees and some may want to mix and match in a different way and are still not engaged in the brand

Method Three: Employees Choose Any Item Using Store Credit

Employees are given a certain amount of store credit to use on whatever items they want on AXOMO. We’ve found this to be the most successful method of distributing items because employees can choose exactly what they want, which makes it extremely more likely that they will use those items on a regular basis.


  – Employees pick out exactly what they want and are engaged and in many cases, employees will even spend their own money or save their credit for a future item that they like


  – Presently unknown