Tracking and Converting Abandoned Shopping Carts - Axomo

You can improve your marketing efforts by tracking and converting inactive shopping carts on your store

Ever wonder if there are users on your store that abandoned their shopping carts? Wish you had more data to piece together why certain things aren’t working? 

Tracking inactive shopping cart data on Axomo is the answer! You can get a list of all of the shopping carts that never made it to the order status to improve your store’s conversion rate.

Here’s how to do it:

View Abandoned Shopping Carts

Head to the “Orders” tab, then under the “Status” menu, select: “Shopping Cart”. 

You have the option to enable viewing anonymous carts, which represent those on your store who have not provided any information such a name, email address, etc.

From this view, you’ll see every inactive shopping cart for the date range you selected. For users who are registered on your store, you’ll see their name and email address (if entered) as well as the items they had added to their cart. 

To view cart items, click the order link found on the left.

Begin The Conversion Process

After viewing the items and getting a good idea of who you’d like to reach out to, you can easily download a CSV file of your inactive cart users.

Above the “Shipping Method” drop-down menu, click “Download CSV” to get an instant overview of the data. Plus, all email addresses will be included for a simple way to add these users to an email campaign. 

Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 2.29.08 PM-811917-edited

Send an email to remind them to revisit the items in their cart – ask: “Did You Forget Something?” or give them a few related items to browse through to spark their interest.

Interpret The Data

Along with using this information to create targeted conversion campaigns, you can also figure out ways to improve your store’s performance in general. 

Are your employees adding items to a cart, but not checking out because they don’t have store credit? Maybe it’s time to add more ways for them to earn store credit incentives.

Are users adding the same item to their cart and abandoning it before checkout? Start testing out your pricing and see if another price produces better results.

Start using inactive shopping cart data to improve your perception of how users interact with your store. This understanding and targeted conversion campaigns could turn these abandoned carts into repeat buyers with just a few simple adjustments.