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New Product Filters, Custom Text on Items, and More!

Today we’re excited to announce three fantastic features and resources now live on AXOMO!

Filter Groups in the Product Catalog

The AXOMO product catalog is enormous. That’s great for you and for your employees/customers, everyone loves options.

But having so many options can sometimes be a hassle- scrolling through seemingly endless lists of products trying to find that one item you want. That’s why we added a range of filters in the product catalog so you can find exactly what you’re looking for in a fraction of the time.

New Production Types Page

When designing your items you may have noticed there are sometimes 5+ options to choose from when you select how your item will be designed. DTG, heat transfer, embroidery, etc.

We know this can be confusing and even overwhelming so we created a page that explains everything you need to know and nothing you don’t! Check it out here

Customizable Text Box for Shop Users

A lot of users reached out and said that it would be great if shop users could add their names to the items they were buying, so we made that happen! Now when designing your item you can select the “Add Text” option to leave a text box your users can use to enter nicknames, initials, or whatever they might want to add to their items.

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