Ways BlockFi Uses AXOMO to Improve Their Corporate Gifting - Axomo

For our January 2021 webinar, Blockfi came and shared how they use AXOMO (and Bonusly) for their corporate gifting.

BlockFi is a company set on making crypto more accessible to a global community. It does that through customized services and software. It is also a company spread across the whole world through remote workers.

After introducing AXOMO and participating in our franchise swag distribution, they have seen improvements in employees’ sense of pride and overall unity across their company.

Blockfi’s Unique Corporate Culture and Gifting Strategy

BlockFi started with a few simple goals when reorganizing their corporate gifting. They wanted to find an automated solution, celebrate great work, and award top performers. They found a solution by integrating AXOMO into Bonusly.

As BlockFi’s representative for the webinar, Joey, put it “Bonusly is an incredible, fun, impactful rewards and recognition tool.” The system is simple. Each employee gets a certain amount of “tokens” each month on Bonusly. They can then give out those tokens to co-workers as they see fit.

Tokens are for helping on a project, doing a good turn, or just boosting confidence. Employees exchange these tokens for gifts.

Apart from the usual gift cards and such, tokens are also used for their AXOMO store.

Swag updates quarterly, so there is always something new, and fun to look at. Graphic designers make the designs and help showcase the values the company stands for.

How Well Did It Work?

Blockfi saw an overnight change in its company culture because of this integration, particularly with remote workers.

One of the main goals Blockfi had when starting this program was to “instill and activate a sense of pride in our workforce.”

BlockFi has team members in 25 countries, and with so much distance (and culture) separating them, it’s hard to feel connected.

Bonuly gave those remote workers a chance to feel like a part of the team. It takes a company’s culture from strictly in-person, to online.

Recognition, messaging, and social interactions are now all presented through employee posts on the Bonusly platform.

AXOMO allowed everyone, regardless of location, to receive the same merch, which they can post about and share.

BlockFi saw a 97% enjoyment rate after launch, and their team has never felt more connected.

What Else Makes Blockfi’s Corporate Gifting Strategy Unique?

BlockFi did not just stop at Bonusly “tokens” when they rolled out the new corporate gifting strategy. They also used AXOMO to celebrate top performers of the month, provide new hire and yearly gift gifts, and provide merch on a public swag store.

Every month BlockFi gathers its employees to shout out their “Values Champion of the Month.” Each recognized person does something extraordinary to represent their company’s values.

Each “champion” then gets a special AXOMO gift to celebrate their achievements.

Before recognition, however, each new employee gets a curated gift box that contains some essential BlockFi merch. Things like cups, stickers, clothing, and a note from the executive team can all be found in this box.

On top of that, employees get a yearly swag box, to help enforce Blockfi’s vision for their team members.

How AXOMO Can Help Your Corporate Gifting

BlockFi is a fantastic example of how an organization took AXOMO and used it to its fullest. AXOMO is a great tool that makes gifting and recognition easy, all it takes is some thought and planning, and AXOMO really can change a company’s entire culture.