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Getting employees excited about the merch on your store can be tricky. Finding trendy franchise swag items that also fit your brand’s message and promoting those items are obstacles you may run into. But keep pushing forward, trendy items have some huge benefits.

Not only will employees want the swag on the store, but the impact of a few team members showing it off to coworkers, will be greater.

If someone has already been thinking of buying a trendy piece of swag, then seeing it one of their cohorts will help push them to buy it for themselves.  

2022 brings a whole new spirit of corporate swag, with more of an emphasis on personalized gifting and sustainability. The biggest trends we’re seeing are:

  • Sustainable / Eco-Friendly
  • Unique and Quirky
  • Tech-Friendly
bucket hat

Trendy Swag Ideas #1: Bucket hats

Bucket hats are on the rise in the fashion world.  This fun fashion item adds a little bit of silly to any outfit and can be seen on artists like Billie Eilish and Rihanna

With average searches up by 56% percent, bucket hats are an inexpensive way to appeal to younger team members.

Check out our branded bucket hats.

Bucket hat
Outdoor UV Bucket Hat
Bucket hat
Sunriver Bucket Hat
Bucket hat
Bucket Hat

Trend Swag Ideas #2: Headphones

Around 45% of full time workers work at least partially from home, offer swag that can be used for them.

Items like laptop cases, ring lights and microphones are all a good choice, but a good pair of headphones can go a long way in making remote meetings more enjoyable.  

Make sure that all employees feel included, and follow the trend of more people working from home, with your swag store.

JBL headphone
Noise Cancelling Headphones
Apple Airpods Pro
Trifecta Bundle
The Trifecta Bundle
Puffy Blanket

Trendy Swag Ideas #3: Mulitpurpose Blanket

Items that serve more than on purpose are on the rise in the world of camping

Camping needs to be compact, but outdoorsmen want products that can be used practically as well.

They want something that can useful in there everyday lives.

Rather than just having a camping blanket, the Kachula Adventure Blanket can be converted into a jacket with an included hood. Great for cold nights out, or just a picnic at home.

Campster Picnic Blanket
Micro Coral Plush Blanket
Micro Coral Plush Blanket
Engraved Sprigbox

#4: Gardens

One on the top trends in outdoor living is gardens. Many are embracing the beauty and tranquility a garden can bring to their home space.

While having a full garden may be hard for some, these grow kits can be a great addition to anyone’s home or apartment. They bring in (at least in a small way) the opportunity to garden for any living space, while providing fresh herbs.

Indoor Herb Garden
Leather Work Gloves
UV Sun Shade Cap

Trendy Swag Ideas #5: Athleisure

On of the top trends in athletic wear is athleisure. Sports clothes wearers are looking for multifunction clothing. They want something they can wear working, or relaxing by the tv.

These yoga pants are a great addition to any store. They work well both for yoga and everyday wear.

tank top
Sport Tank
Super Dry Cooling Towel
yoga mat
Double Layer Yoga Mat

#6: Bomber Jackets

Bringing back old styles is on trend, and bomber jackets are one of those items. Bomber jackets are both warm and fashionable with varried textures and patterns.

Useful in the winter, or just when you want to add a little flair to any outfit.

Start with a something like this and let your creativity roll.

Quilted Packable Bomber
Unisex Bomber Jacket
Force Bomber Jacket

#7: Eco-friendly Swag

Sustainable living and purchasing is on the rise, and many companies are doing something to support it.

AXOMO, at its core, is about sustainablity. Taking the choice out of one person, and putting into many, reducing the amount of swag being thrown out is one of our missions.

On top of that, we offer many sustainably sourced products, like this backpack from Cotopaxi, made from normally scrapped fabric.

Packable Puffy Blanket
cotton bag
Recycled Cotton Barrel Duffel
Recycled PET Trucker Cap
cuting board

Trendy Swag Ideas #8: Bamboo Cutting Board

Sustainable, durable and cheap, bamboo cutting boards are on the rise. 

Bamboo is a fast growing tree that makes reforestation a breeze.

So cut your veggies with piece of mind knowing that some 100 year old oak wasn’t cut down to make your board.

Useful for any kitchen, these boards are an easy addition to any swag store. 

Bamboo Cutting Board
cutting board
Black Marble Cutting Board
marble cutting board
Marble & Bamboo Cutting Board
infuser bottle

Trendy Swag Ideas #9: Infuser Water Bottles

Infuser water bottles feature a simple to manufacture process, easy cleaning, durability and any flavor of your choice, these types of bottles are seen everywhere

The AXOMO catalog offers many options for infuser bottles, but these ones are a great, simple and stylish choice.

16 oz. Flavor U See Infuser Bottle
Pinky Up Glass Tea Pot & Infuser
shaker bottle
Plastic Shaker Bottles with Mixer
card game

#10: Board Games

The board games market is a rapidly expanding area, and people are playing them more now than ever before. With easier accessibility and remote playing possibilities, the internet has made them a trending activity.

This simple coaster set features 4 different games that can be packed into a small set.

tic tac toe
Tic-Tac-Toe Desktop Game
Coaster Set
4 Piece Coaster Game Set
Push Pop Square Stress Reliever Game

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