New Sustainable Vendor: Coalatree - Axomo

As industries of all shapes and sizes start shifting to sustainable processes, more eco-friendly swag has started to become available.

About 17 million tons of clothes are thrown away by Americans each year. We need to have a more sustainable way to shop and live.

With that being said we are pleased to announce a partnership with Coalatree, a bluesign® certified vendor

Let us introduce them.

Sustainably Made Every Step of the Way

Coalatree started off as an organic farm in Colorado centered on a “reap what you sow” mentality.

Products are sourced from recycled material, using waterless dye and tree-friendly packaging. They also use discarded grounds from coffee shops, as well as many other measures to keep production sustainable.

On top of that, Coalatree, is Bluesign and Wear Fair certified, meaning they have proven themselves to be an eco-mined company, that also gives back.

A Company on a Mission

Coalatree supports organizations such as ADOPT-A-NATIVE-ELDER, which supports Navajo elders.

They also support Blankets for Homeless, where they donate surplus fabric from their Kachula line to be repurposed as waterproof blankets.

Get Started!

From blankets to pants and hammocks and more, Colatree is here to add a sustainable flair to the outdoors.

We are excited to be partnered with them and help grow our ever-evolving lineup of sustainable products!

Order Now!

Visit your AXOMO store now to add Colatree and start enjoying nature while doing your part to promote sustainability.