Choosing Items to Improve Store Engagement - Axomo

How do you choose the best store items to encourage brand engagement?

There are a few things you should consider to prevent the halt of orders on your store and help you decide which items your users will love the most:


How many items do you have on your store?

Offering multiple items to choose from can significantly improve engagement on your store. Your store allows users to choose items that suit their style, so the more items you have – the more likely it is that they will find something they love and will want to use or wear daily.


Are your organization members involved in choosing the items that go on your store?

Giving them the option to suggest items can help them feel even more like a part of your brand or agency to increase engagement. Consider having a monthly voting contest with several items and having them vote on which one should be added to the store next.

Need a list of all of your users? Axomo makes it easy! Just go to the admin panel and click Users > View All Users > Download CSV to get a detailed spreadsheet with your users’ names and email addresses.

After that, send them an email to ask which items they’d like to add or vote from a list of items of your choosing.


How often are you adding new items to your store?  

One client observed that not many orders were coming through on its store even though there were many different items available. After interviewing their staff, they discovered that many had credit for the store but already owned most of the items they wanted because they were longtime employees.

To solve this issue, the marketing team decided it would be best to cycle through items by taking down some of the older items that weren’t as popular and putting up new ones on a monthly basis.

After creating a cycle to add new items to their store, Namify has seen improved engagement from both new hires and veteran employees.

Admin Tip: Take advantage of the “Featured Items” category so your users can see which items have been recently added. You could also send out an email or internal memo to notify users that new items are available to purchase.