Introducing Axomo Version 2.0 – Beta Testing Available Now! - Axomo

Version 2.0 is out for beta testing now – get access to exclusive new features!

As some of you may know, we’ve been working on a new version of Axomo that will roll out shortly that we’re excited to share with you. With brand new features like a logo manager, custom item designer, and email campaign platform – there’s a lot of new tools available for you to promote and manage your store.

Though it isn’t quite ready to launch just yet, we wanted to give you the chance to be the first to test the new features and get your feedback to make Axomo 2.0 even better. Here’s an overview of what Axomo Version 2.0 has to offer:

Logo Manager

Upload any logo and Axomo will run a technical analysis to determine its PMS colors and reflects what your logo will look like when it’s printed. This pantone-matching technique develops an awesome representation of what your logo will look like on items before adding them to your store.

The logo manager also has the capability to process your logo into a single-color version (white or black) to perfectly match any color of item.

Custom Item Designer

With the custom item designer, you’ll be able to design and add new items easier than ever before. Simply use the print-ready logo you’ve uploaded and drag-and-drop it where you’d like the logo to be printed. You’ll have an instant preview of what your item will look like as a finished product and an image to go on your store. 

Email Campaign Platform

As per the request of our users, Version 2.0 adds an email campaign platform that allows you to promote your items within Axomo to your users. Just upload a CSV, manually enter email addresses, or use pre-existing user information to send out a campaign to let them know about items, discounts, and promotions.

You can also use your own SMTP settings to make emails come from your company’s domain rather than from “”. This email campaign functionality is perfect for things like: 

  • Pre-Orders – Have users place pre-orders for a specific item to meet minimum quantities when ordering screen printed apparel, swag giveaways, and more.
  • Marketing – Advertise ongoing promotions or new items to gain traction and increase awareness for your store.
  • Internal Use – Send out company newsletters that include new items on your store or discount codes exclusive to employees.

Campaigns also come with another new feature – reminders, which you can set to remind users about campaigns in certain time intervals. Send reminders out either one week, 3 days, 1 day, or halfway through a campaign to make sure your users don’t miss out on your new items or awesome deals.

We’ll keep you posted about the official launch date of Axomo Version 2.0. In the meantime, if you’d like to be the first to beta test the new features, fill out this form to submit a request and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.