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Namify Adds Leadership to Bolster the AXOMO Experience

Vanessa Alldredge: Vice President of Client Success

Yesterday, Namify introduced Vanessa Alldredge as their Vice President of Client Success, a new role at the company that oversees implementation, customer care, and ongoing education for subscribers of their SAAS platform, AXOMO.

Prior to this, Alldredge held various managerial roles within Namify’s Sales Department, including two 4-year stints as the VP of Client Relations and the VP of Sales, respectively. She started with the company in 2009 and quickly became known for her positivity, hard work, and relentless commitment to the customer experience.

AXOMO is the company’s proprietary brand engagement software and was initially offered to the public in BETA versions starting in 2015.  Over the past couple of decades, Namify has noted some huge, unyielding problems that continue to plague the promo industry:

  • Unbelievable amounts of waste (undesirable or unnecessary items ending up in landfills)
  • Bosses creating awkward tension with “one size fits all” gifting practices
  • Companies unwilling to offer variety because of costs and/or lack of on-demand options
  • Archaic methods are being used to collect info, babysit promo orders, and then distribute items once they arrived

Alldredge expressed a lot of enthusiasm for this opportunity.

“I’m grateful that our Executive Team believes in me and has given me this chance to oversee a new important facet of the company.  I’m excited to teach more; it’s something I enjoy and have a fair amount of experience with. And of course, providing those stellar customer experiences for our clients is something that never gets old.”

The AXOMO platform is currently used by over 40,000 users, representing 4000 different companies.

KresLynn Knouse: Marketing Director

At a company-wide meeting on Tuesday, Namify announced the promotion of KresLynn Knouse to Director of Marketing, along with the appointment of colleague, Vanessa Alldredge, to Vice President of Client Success.

Knouse originally started with the company back in 2016 as a copywriter, having caught Namify’s attention with her impressive work at United Way of Utah County.  She quickly assumed a variety of responsibilities within Namify’s Marketing Department and has enjoyed helping their brand leap forward into new areas of relevance.

Some of the areas she will help direct include:

  • Client Communications
  • Brand Awareness Initiatives
  • Performance Analytics
  • eCommerce

As the Director of Marketing, KresLynn is anxious to further align Namify’s brands, boldly tell the world how they are transforming promo to benefit mankind, and continue building a team of specialized, effective marketers.

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