Product Spotlight: 3–19 Coffee - Axomo

Jill from accounting wakes up after a long night.

She is barely alive, let alone ready to start contemplating her daily tasks.

As she sips her 3-19 coffee, she bought from the company store, she looks over and sees the company logo on the coffee bag. Her brain starts up and she begins to think about that big reconciliation project.

Now she is ready to go as soon as she walks into work.

Let us introduce 3-19 coffee.

A coffee by creatives, for creatives

3-19, at its core, is about individuals, and the stories they can share. It’s about finding innovative ways to spread our ideas.

Much like the artists whose names are given to many of their blends, 3-19 looks past the standard formulas and tries to source from outside the box

With this new option in your AXOMO store, we can share who we are as people, through not only what we use or wear, but what we drink.

Made for all tastes

Offering decafs, and rich and subtle beans, 3-19 aims to create complex flavors from around the world.

Their Frida blend (named after artist Frida Kahol) contains beans from both Central and South America, giving it a smooth and full flavor, with a sweet finish.

Their Dali blend (named after Salvador Dali) aims to capture Dali’s surrealist style, with a dark and complex blend hailing from Central America and Southeast Asia.

We have selected three unique blends that give a small taste of everything they have to offer.

Fully Customizable

How would you feel about your own company brew? Feel free to use a pre-existing logo or spice it up with some coffee-themed branding.

Over 150 million people start their day off with a cup of coffee, odds are someone you work with is a coffee drinker. Help them remember who they work for, and why they do it, each and every day.

Whatever is dreamt up we will put it on a sticker and place that sticker on the outside of the bag.

Fresh Roasts and Sustainably Sourced

Coffee will begin to lose its fresh taste somewhere between 10 days to 3 weeks after roasting. And depending on where your coffee comes from, you may already be too late by the time it arrives.

3-19 Bags are roasted to order, ensuring that you get the freshest possible taste. In fact, 3-19 ships within 48 hours of roasting, now that is fresh!

Coffee production averages around 23 million tons of waste per year.

By selecting growers who practice sustainable farming 3-19 makes excellent coffee that does its part in helping planet Earth.

Order Now!

Visit your AXOMO store now and add 3-19 so everyone can start enjoying some delicious coffee!