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Faster Speeds, New Store Launch Category, and Other Updates

This month brought in several major updates that we’re excited to share with you. Here are just a few of the biggest updates that you should know about that will help you get the most out of your AXOMO store.


Faster Speeds and Decreased Loading Times

We made some significant server upgrades which have led to decreased load times and faster speeds across the board with AXOMO. Enjoy the improved efficiency and head over to the product catalog to design some new items and freshen up your store!


New Store Launch Essentials Category Added

Are you planning a launch for your brand store or simply having trouble deciding which items to add?

Look no further – the store launch essentials category is now live and available for you to use to find the perfect items for your store. All items in this category are based on our expert sales team’s suggestions of top-quality products that are ordered frequently and universally loved.


Logo Manager Improvements

The logo manager went through a major update as well, with a couple new tabs available to help you view at a glance which logos are being used on your store. The “sizes” tab lets you see which sizes your logo is currently set to on any live item, while the “products” tab shows all store products listed with that logo.

This can help you prevent duplicate products added to your store with the same logo, ensure all logos are digitized and ready for production, or let you manage which logos are being used on your store the most.


API Connections With Employee Rewards Programs

We’ve recently increased our capabilities in our API connections with more in-depth integration available for popular employee rewards platforms, as well as single sign-on (SSO) programs. If you’re interested in integrating your current platforms with AXOMO, feel free to reach out and we’d be happy to help.

What’s Coming Soon

– Admin Announcements: We’ll soon be launching a new “admin announcements” panel where you can stay up-to-date on the latest features and admin events you need to know about in an effort to improve sitewide communication.

– Catalog Improvements: The product catalog is currently undergoing a revamp which will bring new custom item opportunities (faster name tag production, instant office supply ordering, and more). This impacted a couple store items which resulted in logos being moved or duplicated, but all issues were quickly addressed as our team worked with those affected. Thank you for your patience, please continue to send in your bug reports if you notice anything off on your store.

– New User Product Request System: To make things easier for admins to add new items to their store and give users even more of a voice in the branded apparel options they have, we’ll be making changes to our product request system.

In the near future, users will have limited access to the product catalog (and only use logos approved by admins) to design items and submit them to the store admin for approval. The admin would then set pricing information and set up the item as usual, or would have the option to deny the request. This is a great new opportunity on the way to help get your employees/organization members more involved with your brand!

Record numbers of employees and users connected with their brand using AXOMO in August. We just wanted to give a huge thank you to everyone for your feedback, product ideas, and having an awesome user base to consistently improve AXOMO and the products/services we offer as a whole.

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