New AXOMO Homepage, Payroll Deduction Feature, and Other Great Updates - Axomo

New Homepage Website Update

We recently updated our website to further our capabilities in providing great content for you and your team to better manage your company swag stores. Keep an eye out for new pages and tutorials that will help you get the most out of your store.

Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter to catch all of our latest tips and updates.

Payroll Deduction System Now In Place

AXOMO now allows payroll deduction as a payment method on your company store. To enable payroll deduction, head to the admin panel and select Checkout & Shipping > Payment Settings, then scroll down to the “Payroll Deduction” section.

You can add a limit to restrict the amount users can spend with payroll deduction, insert a custom message that appears at checkout, and give access to user security groups like employees, certain locations, etc.

Improved Admin Panel Interface Now Live

Our website wasn’t the only upgrade that came last month – we’ve also officially switched to the new admin panel interface. This was announced last month and came in as a suggestion from our users and then implemented by our UX team. We’re so excited to bring you this sleek, modern, organized admin panel.

All of our feature and report tabs have been condensed into 10 sections, giving admins easier access to the tools they need the most.

Not seeing what you’re looking for in the admin panel?

Use our “search” feature at the top-left to quickly jump to any tab.

Catalog Item Default Logo Positioning Complete

Our UX team has been working diligently on improving the way our custom item designer functions. Previously, admins weren’t able to auto-position logos on items (left-chest, center chest, right sleeve, etc.), but with our new tool, logos can be positioned with the click of a button.

Some of your older store products may show a message when modifying their setup asking if you’d like to switch to the new view – we recommend giving it a try and letting us know what you think. If you’d still like to use a custom logo placement on your products, select “custom placement” from the dropdown menu in the customizer.

Features Coming Soon

  • New video training series on our Vimeo page to help walk admins through store setup, appearance customization, creating categories and items, and more
  • A revamped office supply ordering system that will let you automatically customize and preview signage, name tags, banners, badges, lanyards, and any other custom branded product your business needs