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Extended Apparel Printing Capabilities + Global Store Markup Options

This last month brought in several major updates that we’re excited to share with you. Here are just a few of the biggest updates that you should know about that will help you get the most out of your AXOMO store.

Extended Direct-To-Garment Printing Capabilities 

Wish you had more options to print your logo and custom designs in vibrant, full-color prints? We’re excited to announce that due to popular demand, our direct-to-garment (on-demand) printing capabilities have recently expanded to include 90% of the apparel items on our catalog. Now you’re able to offer custom apparel with no minimums with more options than ever before!

To find items compatible with on-demand printing, click into any category on our product catalog and use the “Decoration Type” filter to sort by items that qualify for direct-to-garment printing. Now is a great time to check out what’s new on our product catalog and add some new items to your store to raise some excitement around new corporate gear.

Global Store Markup Feature

Looking to mark up all items on your store by a certain percentage but don’t have the time to edit items individually?  Have no fear, another highly anticipated feature is here – global store markups! Head over to Billing > Payment Settings in the admin panel to set your global markup with options to round up to the nearest $0.50 or dollar.

Simplified Shipping Options

Shipping options have been updated to make things easier for you and your employees to choose a shipping method that works best. We now have three basic shipping options:

– Economy: Uses a combination of our shipping partners to select the least expensive shipping option in the fastest ship timeframe available.

 Two-Day: Selects a two-day option from one of our shipping partners

– One-Day: Selects a one-day option from one of our shipping partners

Please note that this doesn’t impact company shipping or corporate shipping accounts, as those act independently of AXOMO’s default shipping options. If you have any questions about adding custom shipping methods, reach out to our customer support team at (801) 515-6129.

New User Product Request Feature

Employees and other store end users now have the ability to request to bring back discontinued items or suggest something new from our product catalog. Pricing on the user catalog can be toggled off, and they’ll only have access to approved logos within your logo manager.

Watch the video above to check it out and if you’d like to make any changes to this setting on your store or disable this feature, you can do so by going to Customize > Public Catalog Settings in the admin panel.

As always, thank you for submitting your feedback, inspiring others with your product ideas, and having an awesome user base to consistently improve AXOMO and the products/services we offer. Let us know what you think of this month’s updates on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter!

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