New Feature Update August 2021 - Axomo

Permissions: Breaking Up the Admin Panel

Our good old friends, Security Groups, have a new addition to their family Permissions! You can now grant specific users access to specific features in the Admin Panel while still restricting other features and accessibility. Our admin panel used to be all-or-nothing access, and now you can decide what permission levels you want to grant to different users!

How you’ll want to use it:

Give members of your finance team access to subscription statements, payments, reports, and more.
Allow members of your marketing team to add items, and logos, and customize store design for brand consistency.
Assign gift permission to view, create, and edit gifting options for your users without seeing the whole admin panel.

Here’s how to use it! From the Admin Panel, navigate to the User Management tab and click on the Groups Setting.

From here, we have pre-built user groups that have determined access for different members of your team needed to accomplish certain tasks.

Click “Add to Store” to create the group and you can add users to the groups as you would with any other Security Group. Your users won’t have access to other areas of the admin panel. Finally we’ve created a way to break down the Admin Panel depending on the permission level that your admin decides!

Item Kits

An easy way to create kits in Axomo is FINALLY here! Do you need to create a pre-determined and curated kit for your team? Maybe you are looking to make a new hire kit to welcome in new employees or perhaps a collection of items to send out a client or holiday gift package. Whatever your reason, Axomo is here to help with our Item Kits feature.

To find this feature, navigate to the Items tab in the Admin Panel and select Item Kits.

Here, you’ll see all the active and inactive item kits you have in your store. If this space is looking empty, head up to the upper right-hand corner and click on “Add New”. Now you can start to build out some different kits that you can offer to your end users.

Start by naming your kit and assigning a category and a status.

*Admin Tip: Make the status pending as you work on its creation and change it to active once it Is complete to prevent users from ordering these before they’re ready.*

Then, assign an image to appear as the cover photo for the kit as you’d like it to appear on the storefront.

Finally, begin adding items from the add item field at the bottom! You can assign some related items to appear on the product page as well as toggle some SEO attributes to the item kits themselves! Combine this feature with our Automated Rewards or Item Giveaway feature for more usability. Happy kitting!

Summer of Gear

This summer is a hot one but that won’t stop you from finding us outside soaking up the rays and enjoying the outdoors in a nearly post-COVID world. Here are 5 different summer essentials you can add to your store!

Kamp Hammock

There are few more greater pleasures than swinging in a hammock on a lazy summer afternoon. Imagine these strung up at your next company picnic or cookout!

Stadium Seat

Don’t let the name fool you-this seat isn’t exclusive to watching the game. Imagine yourself around the fire lounging back on one of these.

Boomer Dog Bowl

Bring the pup along for your summer adventures and make sure they can cool off too!

Vintage Colorblocked Hooded Jacket

We’re Always Improving

More Features Coming Soon

Our team works hard to make your improvements and input a reality. Last month, our team completed over 300 tasks to make sure the AXOMO experience for you and our users is seamless and exceeds expectations. Keep an eye out for these monthly emails for more features being added to expand your brand experience!