New Feature Update April 2021 - Axomo
New User Insights Panel

It’s finally here!! Our new and improved User Insights Panel, or User Dashboard, is now out. Help your user take control of their own AXOMO brand engagement by pointing them to their own insights.

Your users can find their insights by logging in, clicking on their name, and then clicking on Insights

Let’s take a look at some of the cool new features and metrics that your user can view in their Insight panel:

Trending Items & Items Bought

Your users will have easy access to see what they ordered last with quick access buttons to “Shop Now” and “See All Orders”. This makes it easy for them to see what they’ve ordered and it also encourages reviews for items they love! Reviews are a great and easy way for our AXOMO community to give feedback on the sizing and quality of items.

This insight also allows your users to create a “Wish List” of their favorite items that they’re eyeing! Making a wish list can help your end users keep tabs on their favorite items and can help admins know which items to review in the store.

Sustainability Metrics

AXOMO is passionate about giving better for your people, your purpose, and our planet. We mean serious business when it comes to sustainability. AXOMO’s ability to maximize brand awareness and engagement, while minimizing our corporate carbon footprint, is a passion. A passion that we do best.

These numbers are now easy to find and view on the User Insights Panel. Here we have metrics such as Landfill space saved by the individual, the organization, and everyone on AXOMO.

Learn more about AXOMO sustainability here. 

New integrations = more possibilities. In addition to SSO and employee rewards software, we now support additional HR platform integrations. This means time and money savings for you and ease of access for adding new users!

We now integrate with Paycom and Rippling HR.

Coming Soon will be our integration with Salesforce! We’re always looking to integrate with more platforms, contact us here for new integration questions!

New “Add to Inventory” Button

Looking to inventory bulk items with us? We just released an “add to inventory” button for admins during checkout! This makes it easy for you to ship bulk items to us to put back into your store for one-off purchases!

We’re Always Improving

More Features Coming Soon

Our team works hard to make your improvements and input a reality. Last month, our team completed over 300 tasks to make sure the AXOMO experience for you and our users is seamless and exceeds expectations. Keep an eye out for these monthly emails for more features being added to expand your brand experience!