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Axomo's Employee Swag Kits.

Help your talent to feel included and celebrated for the individuality they bring to the team.

Axomo's Employee Swag Kits.
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Swag Kits and Retention

Around 31% of employees quit in their first 6 months. A new hire kit helps an employee feel part of a team, and better understand their role in a company as they start their new job.

  • Better Understand Role: Use the items in a new employee kit to tell your companies story, make your vision clear from the beginning.
  • Show They are a Part of the Team: Let new hires know they are already appreciated for being here.
  • Set up for The Future: Start it off right, let people know what to expect as a part of your company.

Be the company that inspires AND listens.

Offloading random promo items onto your employees and calling them “gifts” is quite the gamble, as it rarely conveys the vision you intend for your organization. AXOMO’s flexible and comprehensive services allow you to deliver specific, impactful messages that build excitement and help the team feel rewarded.


Expert Branding / Decoration

We are strategically set up to handle all sorts of product customization, whether it’s ordered in bulk or one at a time.


Warehousing / Fulfillment

Our team and storage facility is available to make your assembly projects and delivery experiences smooth and on-time.


Custom Packaging

Presentation goes a long ways in most circles. AXOMO representatives can help you create that perfect touch with custom boxes, gift bags, and unique packing material.

Online Shopping

Simple Online Ordering

Whether ordering from existing inventory or just buying something new and cool for yourself, having your own online store keeps it easy and self-serving for the team.


Gift Codes / Store Credit

Offering a variety of options and letting new hires and others shop for themselves is a sure-fire way to put a smile on their face.

Live Customer Support

Our team is here and dedicated to helping you create awesome experiences for your employees.

Want A Deeper Dive Into How AXOMO Works For You?

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Want A Deeper Dive Into How AXOMO Works For You?

Whatever the occasion is, make it unique!

Swag Kits and Warehousing

Creating a custom swag kit can come with one risk, not having one ready when a new hire arrives. Rather than having to store bulky kits at your office, let us store them for you. If warehoused, your new hire kits can ship as soon as next day.


Recruiting & Interviewing

Incentivize With an Application gift

Looking for new ways to bring in applicants? A small gift given at the end of a successful application is a great place to start!

Use Small Gifts Between Interviews

Using small gifts at the end of an interview is a great way to bring people in, and keep them coming

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