Get your swag on

If you’ve got 5 minutes, then you’ve got an AXOMO store … and it’s off to the races!

  • Account Creation / Reserving Your URL = 1 minute
  • Uploading Artwork Files < 2 minutes
  • Picking Out Items = Fun (so the time is irrelevant)
  • Designing Items ~ 2 minutes

Automating Your Swag/Rewards Allows You to Do What You You Do Best

The collective time, energy, and buy-in from employees are the most valuable commodities an organization has. Chances are, you did NOT get hired to just manage swag rewards all day … you’ve got important things to do, places to go, and people to elevate.  Setting up your very own company merch store is a thrilling prospect for several reasons.  Naturally, it’s super fun to see your brand come to life with exciting gear and gifts, but the longer-term and more practical implications are just as rewarding. Consider the type of momentum and savings that occurs when a company invests in great culture, regular employee recognition, and great tech that automates the purchasing/distribution processes in a way that’s exciting for the team … offering personalized shopping.  Magic happens when you not only celebrate your team members, but actually give them a say in their rewards.

The Case For Choosing AXOMO Over Other Platforms

Time and time again, AXOMO is touted by clients as being the most robust and versatile platform of its kind.  We like to say, “It’s feature-rich enough to satisfy the demands of any organization while being simple enough to deploy by a beginner.”  As far as product selection goes, AXOMO’s already impressive catalog continues to grow in responsible ways …aligning with reliable US-based distributors who offer direct API connections (real-time inventory) as well as a wide variety of sustainable options. On top of that, we really make a conscious effort to listen and ask for ongoing, user feedback. After all, adaptation is the very reason we exist … the old ways of managing company-branded gear were frankly too wasteful, and too cumbersome, and too often they missed the mark with recipients.

  • Diverse and exciting catalog of items to choose from (thousands of “no minimum” options to choose from
  • Access to hundreds of exciting name brand options in our growing catalog
  • Ability to purchase in bulk (extra discounts) and warehouse items with AXOMO for quick-ship distribution
  • Unparalleled Admin control (business settings) to meet the needs of any use case
  • The ability to schedule and send out pre-paid store credits to employees and clients

Is setting up an employee store with AXOMO that easy?

Yes. Only a few bits of information are needed to populate your user profile and reserve your store URL. This will automatically launch you into a no-obligation 30 Day Trial, providing ample time to test the platform, start designing products, and even make sample purchases.  As mentioned above, AXOMO does offer several Advanced business settings for those with deeper operational demands, but AXOMO’s default settings “out of the box” are usually sufficient for most use cases.  If you decide to subscribe and integrate AXOMO as a business tool, the setup cost will include personalized guidance from our Client Success Team.

Customer Service

So what do you need to get started?

While there are all sorts of fun features to play with, once you get into AXOMO, the following four things are what we would call the fundamental “To Do’s”: 

  1. Decide on your store name (InsertName.axomo.com)
  2. Upload quality artwork
  3. Have consensus regarding the variety of items you’re willing to offer / add with your company’s branding
  4. Define your audience (adding users)

That’s really the basis of it all, and for these and other settings / pro tips, we’re there to support you every step of the way.

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