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Small Business

Small Businesses Built to kick start your company Build your store the way you want it AXOMO is a platform that allows companies to sell their swag. We take your business extremely seriously and want you and your customers to have a great shopping experience. Any Questions?

Set Up Your Online Shop

Create a custom online store to sell your customized products. We deal with everything from manufacturing your products to helping you build your online shop.

Get Creative With Our Optional Points System

Would you rather use a points system like Schrute Bucks or Galactic Credits? Use AXOMO to convert dollars to whatever currency/points system you’d like to use with ease. Let employees build up points and redeem them for something they’ll love.

Make Ordering Items Much Simpler

Make sure that buying items is much simpler. Getting items from an online shop can be a pain. We make sure that you or your customers get their product quickly and easily.