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Centralized Branding for Franchises Achieve Brand Consistency while Resolving Logistical Headaches AXOMO makes managing franchise locations a breeze with a full catalog of authorized supplies and uniform options for consistent swag management and store maintenance across all of your franchise locations

Protect and Provide Brand Consistency

Brand consistency is essential for a franchise’s growth, identification, and reputability- but can be lost when ordering things from multiple vendors and outlets. Instead, use AXOMO to house all things branded on one storefront-keeping your brand authentic, accurate, and the same at every franchise location.

On-Demand Marketing Materials and Store-Opening Resources

Ensure that all locations stay consistent and updated as logos, campaigns, and other marketing materials roll out. Order signage, POP and SOP, uniforms, campaign materials, and decor all from the same place. Labels, stickers, and more can all be viewed and ordered from the ease of your desktop or smartphone, and shipped directly to any franchise location.

Manage Employee Recognition and Gifting in One Place

Give employees the gift of choice with on-demand credit to a customized storefront of company-branded merch. Give out credit to franchise owners or individual employees for easy corporate recognition. Use credit as a reward, incentive, or gift, and allow store owners to do the same. Discard the hassle of managing addresses and sizes, and let AXOMO deliver employees’ custom, chosen swag directly to their doorstep.