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Get your window shopping eyes ready because custom branded apparel isn’t just reserved for boutiques and large companies, any size business can have their own company apparel store. If you have ever walked into a department store or mall and wondered, “I wish I could have this many options available for my own employees” then we have some good news! AXOMO makes that possible. With hundreds of items, and popular brands, to choose from the entire fashion world is your oyster! So come and take a look at how AXOMO does company apparel stores for employees!

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Want A Deeper Dive Into How AXOMO Works For You?

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Want A Deeper Dive Into How AXOMO Works For You?

How a Company Apparel Store for Employees Works

AXOMO has a ton of great features to help you make an effective company apparel store. We suggest you spend some time checking out our website to learn about all of them, or better yet, book a demo. Here are some of the most exciting and important features that will take your store from eh…to wow!

Store Customization

Each store can be tailored to your liking with custom images, color schemes and more.


Represent your Brand

Each item of apparel sold turns your employees into brand ambassadors.


Brands that People Actually Want

In our catalog you will find brands like The North Face, Cotopaxi, Adidas, Nike and so much more!


Enough Choices to Appease Anyone

Our catalog of hundreds of items makes it so even the pickiest of people can find something they will like.

Sustainable Options

Beyond eliminating bulk orders, and providing one-offs, AXOMO offers many different options of sustainably sourced apparel.

Special Events and Giveaways

Make your store special, with easy to change out logos and campaigns there is no limit to what you can promote!

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Store Customization

Stores can be customized as little, or as much as you want. Our system allows for custom images, banners, colors and names, but is also preloaded with everything you need to get started right away.

  • Custom Images: You can choose to use your own images for everything from categories, to products, headers and more. Customize them using flashy visuals, or similar branding to your other websites, you even can use gifs to add a bit of animation to your store. If you don’t want to do any of that, we already have pre-designed images for each product that can also be used for category images.
  • Custom Names: You don’t have to stick with the names that we have given products if you don’t want to. Name them something fun, or something that tells a story. You can also choose to name your categories whatever you want. There can be as many, or as few categories as you feel work with any AXOMO store. This is your store, so we want you to organize it the way that most makes sense for your team.
  • Custom Pricing: If your organization wants to pay a little bit more out of pocket for items, and charge your employees a little bit less, then we are all for it! You can set a permanent price change or a temporary one. You can also change the price by a fixed amount or a percentage. And while you’re at, tame a look at the promotions section. Here you can make special codes to give discounts to particular items.

Represent Your Brand

Company apparel is more than just a gift with your brand on it, the people who wear your gear are brand ambassadors for your company, so you want it to look as good as possible!

Every employee that puts on your gear becomes a representative of your company and its values. The more it is worn, the more people that will see it. So finding out what your employees will like, and wear all the time is crucial. That is why we give employees the option to choose what they want, instead of getting something they have no use for.

Many of our decorations are done in house and at our own branding facility. And for those that are not, we have well vetted vendors who deliver quality work on the decorations. There is no need to worry about your logo looking off, every item that leaves our shop is quality checked and sent out with a great representation of your brand on it.

Our system makes adding logos and using those logos for different decorations types a breeze. Whether it be laser engraved, embroidered, heat transferred or one of many other decoration types available it is just a matter of a few button clicks from changing decoration type.

brand ambassador

A company apparel store for employees with Brands that People Actually Want

Brands You Trust

We have all gotten that uncomfortable, brandless t-shirt from a company get-together. You wear it once, and then throw it out. That is why we have spent a lot of time and energy sourcing everyday brands like Nike, Adidas, Ogio and many more. Give your team members clothes they might buy even if it wasn't for free.

Large Variety of Choices

More than just t-shirts and jackets, our catalog features a wide range of apparel for every situation. With athletic wear, business, healthcare, winter, spring and summer if you think of it, we probably have it. And with a huge selection of materials and sizes, you will not be disappointed.

Ability to Request Items

If you still can’t find what you are looking for we have the option to requests products for any store. We have a large network of thousands of ready to be made products to add to our catalog, so if you want it, chances are we can find it.

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Company Apparel Store for Employees with Enough Choices to Appease Anyone

Perhaps the biggest hurdle to overcome with company swag is trying to decide what your employees will use, but with a company apparel store, you can give them choices.

  • Catalog of Hundreds of Items: Our catalog is constantly growing, and filled with fantastic items in any price point or style. Everything from outdoor apparel, to funky jackets and the most recent trends, we have you covered no matter what kind of employees you have.
  • Choices for All: Your store is exactly that, it is an online store. You can choose to have as many, or as few, options as you want for your employees. Even if you have a varied organization, filled with many different personalities, it is easy to add something for everyone. There is no limit to how long items can stay in your store, so even if there is something for just one person, it can stay, ready for them to spend some credit and pick out that perfect gift.
  • Tools to Know What is Working: We have a few tools at your disposal to make it easy to see what is selling, and what is not. Try putting up a few simple items. See what works and what doesn’t. Take off the less popular items, then check out our suggestions for the items people do like. With every item we have selected some related products to give people more choices, while still sticking with things they will order.


Sustainability is at the forefront of many businesses’ minds. That is why we have made a special effort to help in that cause.

Our catalog features enough sustainable apparel for an organization to base their entire store around it. From brands like Kleen Kanteen, Cotopaxi and Ten Trees we offer a large group of carbon neutral, organic and recycled products. And with new products being added consistently, there will always be a way to keep your stock fresh and eco-friendly.

Our entire model is based on giving people choices, so they will use what they get instead of throwing it away. In fact, our research shows that people are up to 20 times more likely to keep a gift they choose. These gifts end up being loved and utilized, instead of rotting away in a landfill, wasting both the material, and the energy that was used to create that item in the first place.

A big problem, however, that many companies face with getting some branded gear for their team is the high minimum requirements for branded apparel. Forcing them to order bulk t-shirts or jackets that many people might not use. That is why we have worked hard to find vendors that deliver one-off style clothing at multiple price points. Items can be ordered one at a time, as employees want them, instead of all at once. Making it possible to have a bunch of different options, without a huge monetary commitment.


Special Events and Giveaways

Retreats, Events and Parties

Don’t limit yourself to a company store that only offers the same items year around. Try switching up items, or designs to help give your store some extra flair and engagement. You can add some summer themed clothes for a company retreat, a special design for Christmas or some custom branded items for individual prizes.

Easy to Manage Campaigns

With promo codes, email campaigns and many more marketing tools you can easily get people hyped for a special event. Structure our automatic emails to say and look how you want and let our system take care of the rest. Add in temporary pricing or discounts to make your apparel seem special. We make it easy to take your event merch to the next level.

Easy to Change Designs

Our logo analyzer and pre-built decoration requirements make it a breeze to switch out designs or production processes. There is no need to fear that your artwork will not be formatted correctly to be printed, embroidered, laser engraved or heat transferred. Our system will make sure you have what you need to make a great look, without all the back and forth normally needed in the proofing process.

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