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New Feature Update April 2021

You won't want to miss this month's updates - some awesome improvements to your store are available now! Enable payroll deduction for your employees, check out our snazzy new admin panel, and more.

Employee Rewards Platform: Simplifying Employee Engagement

Employee engagement and employee rewards programs are a hot topic in today’s business world of increasing competition for top talent. However, administering effective employee reward programs can prove to be a huge challenge for organizations trying to juggle the many priorities on their plate. One effective way to handle employee rewards is through software solutions

What is a Vector Logo?

What is a Vector Logo? A vector logo is made up of lines, points, and curves based on mathematical equations rather than solid-colored square pixels. This allows designers to have clear image quality and size flexibility.  Why does AXOMO prefer a vector logo? Vector logos have limitless resolution and therefore are preferred when designing and

Top 3 Ways to Know if Your Company Swag Needs an Update

 Here at AXOMO, we’re leaning in to the future of swag through our online employee brand engagement platform. With that future comes exciting ways to make sure your swag matches the tone and feeling of your brand. Take a good look at your company-branded gear and find out if updating your swag is right for

10 Reasons You Need An Online Company Store (And How AXOMO Can Help)

Online company stores are becoming increasingly popular in today’s organizations. Most people know that companies like Google and many others have online merchandise stores that sell all kinds of swag and company items.  While not all companies can be Google, many organizations today can benefit from using an online company store – including small and

Going Virtual With Your Event? Take A Page Out Of VRC’s Playbook.

Right now, most businesses are adapting and speculating daily to safely thrive in the wake of COVID-19.  As much as we’d all like to race forward and forget this global challenge, the more probable outlook is that we’re in for a marathon.   What can we learn from each other to better navigate these transitions? Who

The Power of Choice

A SHORT STORY OF SWAG I arrived at my first full-time position after graduating from college with excitement and anticipation ready for this new chapter to begin. It wouldn’t be a first day without various onboarding essentials such as new passwords, signing documents, and learning about company policies. Then came the company swag… It was

Keeping Corporate Culture Alive While Working Remotely

As more companies adapt to work-from-home policies in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, there’s an even greater need to understand one of the biggest hurdles associated with remote work. Prior to the current state we’re in, 20% of the global remote workforce felt like they were isolated, not just socially – but informatively as

Fast Fashion Corporate Branded Gifts
Donated Or Dumped – How Fast Fashion Is Impacting Corporate Branded Gear

I never used to think about what happened to the clothes I dumped off at the donation center that I didn’t need anymore. I guess I just trusted that they’d ended up in the right hands – someone else who could use them more than I would. However, after doing some quick research, I realized

Happiness Pays

Happiness Pays It’s been pretty well proven that once someone makes enough money to stop stressing about bills and debt, more money doesn’t tend to make them happier. But Interestingly enough, being happier does make people more profitable as employees. Several recent studies have proven that happy and engaged employees are worth significantly more to you and