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Most-Loved Swag Items and Corporate Gifts From 2022

2022’s Most-Loved Corporate Gifts We compiled a list of the top five most-ordered swag items and corporate gifts from 2022, sorted by category. It’s so fun to see the unique items companies choose to represent their brand and help employees, clients, and stakeholders feel like a part of the team.  Jump to a category here

cost per wear
What is cost per wear and why should you care?

Cost per wear is the concept that the more a garment is worn the better value it is over time. Cost per wear is a great way to ensure that people are engaging with your brand and that you get the most out of company swag. So rather than giving your employees the same boxy

As industries of all shapes and sizes start shifting to sustainable processes, more eco-friendly swag become available. With that being said we are pleased to announce a partnership with Coalatree, a bluesign® certified vendor
New Sustainable Vendor: Coalatree

As industries of all shapes and sizes start shifting to sustainable processes, more eco-friendly swag has started to become available. About 17 million tons of clothes are thrown away by Americans each year. We need to have a more sustainable way to shop and live. With that being said we are pleased to announce a

Gift Giving
Corporate Gift Giving: It’s About More Than Appreciation

Corporate gift giving is more than just an easy way to show employees appreciation, it can imporve producitvity and overall company culture. Find out how!

Rising Up
Namify Adds Leadership To Bolster The AXOMO Experience

Vanessa Alldredge: Vice President of Client Success Yesterday, Namify introduced Vanessa Alldredge as their Vice President of Client Success, a new role at the company that oversees implementation, customer care, and ongoing education for subscribers of their SAAS platform, AXOMO. Prior to this, Alldredge held various managerial roles within Namify’s Sales Department, including two 4-year

Product Spotlight: 3-19 Coffee

Jill from accounting wakes up after a long night.  She is barely alive, let alone ready to start contemplating her daily tasks.  As she sips her 3-19 coffee, she bought from the company store, she looks over and sees the company logo on the coffee bag. Her brain starts up and she begins to think about

Potential Shipping Delay Advisory

As always, AXOMO does everything in its power to ensure orders are fulfilled as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the global supply chain have created a significant strain on many of our carriers’ operations. UPS, FedEx, OnTrac, DHL and even the USPS are all experiencing delays due to additional

New Feature Update August 2021

August Improvements and updates to Axomo are finally here! Including our brand new way to break up the admin panel with permissions, a new way to kit items together for your employees, and some summer swag you won't want to miss!

New Feature Update April 2021

You won't want to miss this month's updates - some awesome improvements to your store are available now! Enable payroll deduction for your employees, check out our snazzy new admin panel, and more.

COVID-19 Update: Delivery Times May Be Slower Than Usual

Delivery times may be slower than anticipated. Please verify your estimated delivery date when placing your order. We’re sorry for the inconvenience. Understanding the current outlook for shipping and distribution. Online (or remote) shopping was already a soaring trend long before COVID-19 came into the picture.  Now, as the preferred and socially-safe way to purchase