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The Revamping of Corporate Gifting through Online Employee Apparel Stores

Survey data has found that 52% of corporate-branded apparel is either thrown away or regifted. Thankfully, there is a new method for engaging, rewarding, and outfitting team members in a way that's fun, personalized, and much more viral for a company's brand.

Most-Loved Swag Items and Corporate Gifts From 2022

2022’s Most-Loved Corporate Gifts We compiled a list of the top five most-ordered swag items and corporate gifts from 2022, sorted by category. It’s so fun to see the unique items companies choose to represent their brand and help employees, clients, and stakeholders feel like a part of the team.  Jump to a category here

Potential Shipping Delay Advisory

As always, AXOMO does everything in its power to ensure orders are fulfilled as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the global supply chain have created a significant strain on many of our carriers’ operations. UPS, FedEx, OnTrac, DHL and even the USPS are all experiencing delays due to additional

New Feature Update August 2021

August Improvements and updates to Axomo are finally here! Including our brand new way to break up the admin panel with permissions, a new way to kit items together for your employees, and some summer swag you won't want to miss!

New Feature Update April 2021

You won't want to miss this month's updates - some awesome improvements to your store are available now! Enable payroll deduction for your employees, check out our snazzy new admin panel, and more.

COVID-19 Update: Delivery Times May Be Slower Than Usual

Delivery times may be slower than anticipated. Please verify your estimated delivery date when placing your order. We’re sorry for the inconvenience. Understanding the current outlook for shipping and distribution. Online (or remote) shopping was already a soaring trend long before COVID-19 came into the picture.  Now, as the preferred and socially-safe way to purchase

Employee Rewards Platform: Simplifying Employee Engagement

Employee engagement and employee rewards programs are a hot topic in today’s business world of increasing competition for top talent. However, administering effective employee reward programs can prove to be a huge challenge for organizations trying to juggle the many priorities on their plate. One effective way to handle employee rewards is through software solutions

10 Reasons You Need An Online Company Store (And How AXOMO Can Help)

Online company stores are becoming increasingly popular in today’s organizations. Most people know that companies like Google and many others have online merchandise stores that sell all kinds of swag and company items.  While not all companies can be Google, many organizations today can benefit from using an online company store – including small and

New Feature Update September 2020

You won't want to miss this month's updates - some awesome improvements to your store are available now! Enable a charity manager for your users to donate to any chosen charity at checkout, new shipping options allow you to add your personal negotiated shipping rates, and new updates are coming soon.

What is a Vector Logo?

What is a Vector Logo? A vector logo is made up of lines, points, and curves based on mathematical equations rather than solid-colored square pixels. This allows designers to have clear image quality and size flexibility.  Why does AXOMO prefer a vector logo? Vector logos have limitless resolution and therefore are preferred when designing and